Alevere Therapy

Here at health + aesthetics we offer Alevere Therapy® which is a revolutionary treatment programme combining weight loss, body sculpting and skin tightening. Alevere therapy is a medically supervised, non-surgical programme that can dramatically improve your appearance and your long-term health. health + aesthetics is the only clinic in Surrey offering this life changing treatment. Dr Tailor has a wealth of experience in delivering this programme and has helped numerous patients from throughout Surrey and Hampshire to achieve excellent results.

Alevere Therapy® is the best way to lose weight fast and transform your body and life.

It is a highly effective and permanent weight loss solution – far safer than liposuction and bariatric surgery.

Duration of Treatment

60 minutes.

Anaesthesia Required



Unstable medical conditions. Recent surgery. Pregnancy. Breast-feeding.

Recovery Time



Weight reduction, body sculpting & contouring.

Suitable For

Overweight people.

Number of Treatments

Weekly treatments.


Please contact the clinic for more information.

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*Results may vary from patient to patient*

Alevere Therapy Treatment Info

The principles of Alevere Therapy have been developed by medical doctors focussed on optimising the body’s natural chemistry for the rapid, effective and continuous breakdown of stored body fat, whilst preserving muscle tissue and maintaining the body’s metabolic rate during weight loss.

Before treatment commences we will discuss your medical history and carry out a physical examination. We will then make a detailed, personalised treatment plan based on your current health, weight loss goals and lifestyle.
Treatment is comprised of four essential elements – medical diet, ultrasound therapy, connective tissue massage and stabilization.

At the start of the treatment you will be provided with a carefully designed nutrition programme. This consists of many different fruit and vegetables, a lot of which can be eaten in unlimited quantities. This is enhanced by regular supplements of natural, purified proteins and amino acids.

You will not feel hungry, weak or lethargic and you will not have food cravings.

You will have sufficient energy to be able to exercise and function as normal.

Weekly ultrasound treatments, using the latest and most effective ultrasound technology, will help destroy fat cells and result in inch loss. These fat cells are particularly hard to target through conventional dieting alone.

The ultrasound device used is a certified medical device and there are numerous published scientific studies on its efficacy.

Weekly massage treatments will firm and tighten your skin. To do this we use specialized rollers that will break down uneven fatty tissue under the skin and stimulate new collagen production.

Hardened, calcified, bumpy and uneven fatty tissue is broken down by this treatment, creating much smoother, softer skin.

Once you have completed your body transformation programme and seen the results, the final step is stabilization.

We will provide you with a maintenance programme based on accurate measurements of your metabolic rate.

Monthly follow-up visits will also be offered to keep you on track and ensure you achieve long-term weight reduction.

Your weight loss will be rapid enough to keep you motivated: in fact we aim for a weight loss rate of 6-12kg (13-26 lbs) per month for most patients.

The weight loss on this treatment programme is remarkably predictable and your expected rate of loss will be calculated for you by the doctor at your very first consultation, before you start the treatment.

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I have been a ‘customer’ since 2009 and I have to say that each time I attend the clinic I find the environment very restful and relaxing, and the staff friendly and welcoming. Everything is always very calm and highly professional. I would highly recommend health + aesthetics in Farnham."
I thought that it was going to be hard but it wasn’t at all! I never felt hungry and there was lots of support from the girls. I strongly recommend it to anyone who wants to lose weight and are serious about their health. Maria (43)"


I started the Alevere weight reduction programme being 5 stones (31.75 kg) overweight. The process was supervised by Dr R Tailor starting with a medical examination and assessment of my response to the diet. I was advised that I could achieve my target weight in 18 weeks. This was exactly correct and in addition to regular consultations with Dr Tailor I was supported throughout by a team of dedicated consultants who monitored my progress, gave ongoing dietary advice, and applied the integral ultrasound treatment which enhances fat loss.The results have been literally amazing and I am now at a weight (and shape) I’ve not experienced since my early 20s, (I’m now 62.) The H & A team have been crucial in this process through their support, knowledge and encouragement. I have no hesitation in recommending them and the Alevere programme in particular.Ian Cory (62)"
During my first consultation at the clinic, I was offered a computerised skin and complexion analysis called Visia. The therapist talked me through every step of the process. All I had to do is to remove my make up, before placing my chin and forehead to the platform. The machine then took 3 photos from 3 different angles.After a couple of minutes, the therapist showed me my pictures on the big screen. It was painful but informative experience. I was able to see in detail lines, pores, pigmentation, redness and also acne bacteria. You could zoom in to the tiniest parts of my face and view a 3D animation. Then my skin age was compared to my actual age. I was relieved when there was only a difference of a year! It was also possible to make my skin look 5 years younger or older and see the changes that take place – a really interesting feature! It was even possible to measure my eyelash length!All in all, it was an interesting and informative experience and it will allow me to see any changes after any skin regimes and treatments. I would highly recommend the Visia Skin Analysis to anyone who wants to look after their skin.Barbara"
"Fantastic experience with H&A in Farnham. I initially went to them to have skin tag removal. They were caring and considerate and the process was relatively painless and the results are really great. I also have tried their skincare range and I’m so pleased with the results I’m booking a follow up skin consultation to get more advice and more product. A very positive experience and would highly recommend them to anyone.Catherine (43)"