Pigmentation, brown spots or uneven skin tone can be due to due to numerous causes such as sun exposure and increasing age. This can be significantly reduced leaving a brighter, clear and more even complexion.

At health + aesthetics our latest non-ablative laser has excellent results in treating pigmentation and we help many patients with this condition throughout both Surrey and Hampshire.

Duration of Treatment

From 30 minutes to 45 minutes depending upon the area being treated.

Anaesthesia Required



Keloid scarring. Vitiligo. Cancer. Active herpes simplex. Active infection. Medication that makes you photosensitive. Roaccutane. Tanned skin. Pregnancy & Breast-feeding.

Recovery Time

Some swelling and redness. Recovery time for facial treatments can be reduced by having Dermalux LED Light Therapy.


Improves pigmentation, brown spots & uneven skin tone on the face & body.

Suitable For

Treats pigmentation brown spots & uneven skin tone on the face & body.

Number of Treatments

A course of 3-6 treatments at 4 week intervals.


From £180 per session. Discount available on course of treatments. Please contact the clinic for more information.

Before & After

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Before & After Pigmentation 0

*Results may vary from patient to patient*

Pigmentation Treatment Info

The following can be safely and effectively treated:

  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Brown spots
  • Freckles
  • Melasma
  • Uneven skin tone

The pigmented area is exposed to short pulses of visible light, which breaks down the melanin that is responsible for the pigmentation in the skin. The pigment is then absorbed by the body, hence reducing the dark patches on the skin.

Most people with pigmentation will be suitable for treatment. You will need to attend for an assessment to check if you are suitable for treatment and how many sessions are needed.

Most patients need a course of 3-6 treatments every 4 weeks to achieve the desired results.

The treatment is not painful and at most you may notice slight discomfort.

Depending upon your skin type (and the lesion being treated), there is redness and swelling in the treated area for up to 2-3 days after treatment. However, this can be significantly reduced and healing enhanced by having Dermalux LED Light Therapy immediately after the laser treatment.

The treated area may also appear darker for 5-7 days after treatment but this will clear shortly afterwards. This is normal since the melanin continues to be broken down and absorbed.

  • Immediately after treatment there will be redness and swelling of the treatment area and this feels like mild sunburn.
  • Applying cool packs to the skin for the first few hours after treatment will help reduce discomfort.
  • Application of Aloe Vera gel is helpful.
  • Use SPF 50 and avoid sun exposure. This is essential to avoid the risk of hyperpigmentation or darker pigmentation.
  • Avoid picking and scratching the treated area to reduce the risk of pigmentation.
  • Avoid hot baths, exercise, and heat treatments and treat the skin gently especially for the first 24 hours after treatment.

Your results can be enhanced by using cosmeceutical skincare as well as high level, broad spectrum sun protection to reduce photo-damage.

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