Hand Rejuvenation in Surrey

Most of the focus for cosmetic improvement is on the face. However, the most ageing part of our body is the hands, which are always exposed and are difficult to hide.

As we age the hands become less plump and the skin becomes thinner and less elastic. This makes the bones, tendons and veins on the hands become more visible. Brown spots can also appear.
The hands can be rejuvenated dramatically using a number of different treatments: dermal fillers, laser skin rejuvenation and chemical peels. We offer all of these treatments at health + aesthetics in Farnham. They are very popular with patients who visit the clinic from throughout Surrey and Hampshire.

When should you consider hand rejuvenation?

You should consider hand rejuvenation treatment if you experience any of the following:

  • Bony hands with prominent tendons and veins
  • Brown spots on the skin
  • Thin, wrinkled and poor-quality skin

How will Dermal Fillers help rejuvenate the hands?

Dermal fillers can be injected into the hands, which will immediately make them look plumper so that bones, tendons and veins are not visible. This is a very simple, quick and painless procedure. There is no real recovery time needed.

How long will Dermal Fillers last?

This depends upon the type of filler used. Here at health + aesthetics we use high quality, premium grade fillers that will last 12 – 18 months.

How does Laser Treatment help rejuvenate the hands?

Laser treatment can help to banish brown spots on the skin which make the hands look aged. Laser treatment uses light energy to break up the pigment. Then the body’s natural mechanisms heal the treated skin leaving it looking more uniform in colour and texture.
This is a very simple and effective procedure. You may need a course of up to 4 treatments. Very little recovery time is required.

How will Chemical Peels help rejuvenate the hands?

Chemical Peels can also help to banish brown spots and improve the texture and quality of the skin on the hands. This is a very quick and simple procedure. You may need a course of up to 3 treatments. Again, there is very little recovery time required.

How can I improve my results?

Results can be enhanced by using cosmeceutical anti-ageing skincare as well as high level, broad spectrum sun protection to reduce photo-damage. We also have products specifically designed for the hands.

For more information on hand rejuvenation or dermal fillers or to book your appointment at our award-winning clinic, please contact us, we look forward to welcoming you at our clinic.

Before & After

Before & After Hand Rejuvenation in Surrey 5
Before & After Hand Rejuvenation in Surrey 5
Before & After Hand Rejuvenation in Surrey 5
Before & After Hand Rejuvenation in Surrey 5

*Results may vary from patient to patient*

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"HAND REJUVENATION I went to health + aesthetics as I wanted to improve the appearance of the back of my hands, which have lost their plumpness and where the bones, veins and age spots have become more obvious. Dr Rekha suggested some dermal filler and a treatment for the age spots. The whole procedure was very thoroughly explained tome and I felt very confident with going ahead. I have now had 2 treatments with the filler and am very happy with the outcome. My hands look so much better. Once the filler has settled, I am looking forward to the removal of the age spots/sun damage. I am very impressed with the salons friendly but very professional approach. I had ample time to discuss my needs with regard to my hands and also learned about several other anti-ageing treatments, so I can see that I will be making regular visits to h+a in the future. Anne (67)"
"COSMETIC INJECTABLES – BOTOX AND DERMAL FILLERS, SKIN BOOSTERS Dr Tailor very knowledgeable & gentle in her approach leaving you time to go away & have a think before embarking on any treatments. She gave a new insight into how my face can be refreshed without going down my usual Botox & Tear Trough route & it certainly worked!!! She’s incredibly engaging & has now put together a proper skin plan for me, & again for me to go away & have a read rather than being forced into anything. Very refreshing approach & reassuring that there are some decent cosmetic surgeons out there. A worthwhile trip for sure & someone I believe I’ll be with for a while as this was my first experience of the clinic. Female patient (53)"
"SKIN HEALTH AND INJECTABLES Dr Tailor is always so very understanding, hugely insightful, re-assuring, polite, patient and very friendly. Her sympathetic, calm and very kind manner was most reassuring and helpful. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who is considering treatments that she offers. Thank you for your kindness. Female patient (52)"
"EXCELLENT SERVICE AND RESULTS Can’t recommend Dr T enough, I walk in asking for help with saggy bits and lost volume and she takes one very experienced look at me, and declares what needs to be done. Which we do and I’m thrilled with the results. She does little and often, and you are completely involved in your consultation, although I completely trust her recommendations. Dr T is honest and forthcoming and she is always striving to update herself on all the latest developments, which we get to hear about. There are never any ‘over the top’ results and the best part is when your friends comment on how good you look and isn’t your skin great, that’s exactly what I want to hear! You’ll put yourself in safe hands with Dr T and her team. Vikki (47)"
"INJECTABLES AND FIRST CONSULTATION I have been to various clinics for facial treatments, not once has any clinician sat down with me and explained the treatments in depth, explained the reasons why skin/bone structure changes over time, and advised ME as an individual what the best treatments would be for me and in what order. A thorough skin analysis was carried out and explained, as well as further information for me to read through and decide what I would like to go ahead with, without being pushed towards a certain treatment at the time. I would advise anyone thinking about skin treatments, facial fillers, Botox to have a consultation with Dr Tailor, very informative and interesting. Female patient (42)"