Hand Rejuvenation

Most of the focus for cosmetic improvement is on the face. However, the most ageing part of our body is the hands, which are always exposed and are difficult to hide.

As we age the hands become less plump and the skin becomes thinner and less elastic. This makes the bones, tendons and veins on the hands become more visible. Brown spots can also appear.
The hands can be rejuvenated dramatically using a number of different treatments: dermal fillers, laser skin rejuvenation and chemical peels. We offer all of these treatments at health + aesthetics in Farnham. They are very popular with patients who visit the clinic from throughout Surrey and Hampshire.

Before & After

Before & After Hand Rejuvenation 5
Before & After Hand Rejuvenation 5
Before & After Hand Rejuvenation 5
Before & After Hand Rejuvenation 5

*Results may vary from patient to patient*

Hand Rejuvenation Treatment Info

You should consider hand rejuvenation treatment if you experience any of the following:

  • Bony hands with prominent tendons and veins
  • Brown spots on the skin
  • Thin, wrinkled and poor quality skin

Dermal fillers can be injected into the hands, which will immediately make them look plumper so that bones, tendons and veins are not visible. This is a very simple, quick and painless procedure. There is no real recovery time needed.

This depends upon the type of filler used. Here at health + aesthetics we use high quality, premium grade fillers that will last 12 – 18 months.

Laser treatment can help to banish brown spots on the skin which make the hands look aged. Laser treatment uses light energy to break up the pigment. Then the body’s natural mechanisms heal the treated skin leaving it looking more uniform in colour and texture.
This is a very simple and effective procedure. You may need a course of up to 4 treatments. Very little recovery time is required.

Chemical Peels can also help to banish brown spots and improve the texture and quality of the skin on the hands. This is a very quick and simple procedure. You may need a course of up to 3 treatments. Again there is very little recovery time required.

Results can be enhanced by using cosmeceutical anti-ageing skincare as well as high level, broad spectrum sun protection to reduce photo-damage. We also have products specifically designed for the hands.

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