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Body Mass Index (BMI), used to calculate obesity, is only a guide as this only takes into account height and weight.

Weight on its own does not reflect true health or changes in health by adopting exercise and a healthy diet. By exercising muscle mass can increase and fat can reduce but your weight may not change much but you are healthier as a result of the lifestyle change.

Measuring fat, muscle mass in each limb as well as the visceral fat around the trunk is a better indicator of health. Visceral fat is the fat around the vital organs that has a significant impact on health.

On many diets, muscle mass can decrease as well as fat. This is because muscle can be used as fuel to produce energy when the body does not have enough calories. This results in a lower metabolic rate, and the risk of rebound weight gain after the diet.

Duration of Treatment

60 seconds

Anaesthesia Required



Women in their first 12 weeks of pregnancy and patients with an internal electrical device, such as a pacemaker, defibrillator or nerve stimulator

Recovery Time



Immediate body analysis.

Suitable For

Most people.

Number of Treatments



Please contact the clinic for more information.

Body Analysis – InBody Treatment Info

The InBody analysis is available for anyone wanting to check their body composition and visceral fat whether they wish to follow the Alevere programme, another weight loss programme or just out of curiosity to check their health.

Body composition analysis is included in the Alevere Therapy Weight Reduction programme. The Alevere programme is designed to avoid loss of muscle mass while the body treatments target fat, to improve health and body shape.

Patients are monitored regularly using the InBody body composition analysis at intervals to document reduction of fat including visceral fat, whilst ensuring that muscle mass does not decrease significantly.

The InBody 770 is the best body-composition analysis device in the world. It examines your Total Body Water, Fat, Protein, and Minerals, it also reveals percentage of body fat, muscle distribution, and body water balance; components that are key in understanding more about your body. The analysis is broken down per body segment showing muscle, fat and water content for each limb and the trunk of the body.

It is the top of the range analyser and is widely used in UK Hospitals, Universities, Health & Wellbeing Centres and is now available at health + aesthetics. It is also FDA approved and its extensive results have been supported by research.

Body Mass Index (BMI) is traditionally used to measure obesity. It uses height and weight only, and provides a guide to obesity. The InBody measures visceral fat and analyses it against the healthy range for each individual.  Visceral fat is the fat around your tummy and vital organs. It is important as too much visceral fat is associated with higher risks of illness including diabetes and heart disease even when the BMI is within the normal range.

Also, when trying to lose weight, muscle mass from the limbs is often reduced as the body burns muscle as well as fat on some diets rather than the visceral fat around there tummy.  Alevere Therapy is designed to focus on fat reduction both generally and addressing problem areas which are often resistant to diet alone.  By monitoring patients at regular intervals with the body composition analysis, patients can be confident that they are not losing muscle mass and are losing fat from their problem areas. Loss of muscle mass results in a lower metabolic rate, and the risk of rebound weight gain after the diet.

The analysis also provides the Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR).  This varies significantly from person to person and provides a guide to the number of calories needed to maintain your weight. The number of calories per day is then adjusted based on an individual’s activity levels each day to ensure sufficient energy is provided each day from the food eaten.

The InBody has two electrodes for each foot and two in each handpiece. By standing on the electrodes and holding a handpiece in each hand, safe, low-level currents are sent through the body through the hand and foot electrodes. The impedance the currents encounter are measured, and from there, your body composition is derived.

The test takes 60 seconds. Each InBody Test will print out a full-page results sheet detailing the muscle, fat, and water values of the patient. The results can be compared to previous results and hence allows patients to monitor changes in fat and muscle mass over time.

The test should be carried out on an empty stomach and bladder. Hence, it is best to fast at least 2 hours before the test. The bladder should also be emptied before the test is carried out.

The test should be carried out before exercise. Testing should not be carried out after a shower or using a sauna as sweat & heat causes a temporary change in conductivity within the body.

Subsequent testing should be carried out under similar conditions. (i.e. similar clothing, testing time, before eating or exercising etc.)

Women in their first 12 weeks of pregnancy and patients with an internal electrical device, such as a pacemaker, defibrillator or nerve stimulator, are not suitable for the InBody analysis.

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I have been trying to lose weight over the past six years, it was initially for my son’s wedding. There were a few reasons why the weight went on which had nothing to do with the way I was eating. The menopause being one, where I put in 10lbs & sadly the death of my husband which caused stress hormones to add to more weight gain another stone to be exact, by this time I couldn’t identify with myself in photos etc, I exercise daily which I have always done together with long walks, but no weight loss. Then Rekha told me about the Alevere diet, so I thought I would give it a try as nothing else had worked & I mean nothing, to start with nothing did happen & I got quite low about this but Rekha talked me through it saying give it time it will work & she was right the weight started to drop off. I found the diet easy to do with a lot of motivation & support from the girls as well as being medically checked all the way through. I am now two stone lighter and look like who I used to be, it has been a mind body & soul experience.So a big thank you to Rekha & all the girls at the clinic. Sue (65)"
Having lost over 30 kgs (5 stone) over a period of 4 months, I am obviously a fan. Why has this plan worked for me? Two main reasons: The results are immediate, consistent and ever encouraging; and the rules are simple and unequivocal – there is no scope for interpretation, substitution or negotiation.Leo (55)"