Oxygenetix is the world’s most breathable foundation.

It was originally developed to conceal and heal the skin after cosmetic surgery and non-surgical cosmetic procedures such as injectable treatments, lasers, skin peels and micro-needling procedures.

Oxygenetix also helps promote the healing process of a number of skin conditions such as dry and sensitive skin, rosacea, acne and acne scars.

It is also the ideal foundation for everyday wear.

Oxygenetix Foundation soothes, heals and protects damaged skin thanks to skin-loving ingredients including: Aloe Barbadensis gel-base, Vitamin E, Grape Seed Extract, Green Tea, Salix Alba Extract
and Glycerin. These oxygen-enriched, natural components make it virtually a second skin… and that is exactly how it feels: Your Perfect Second Skin!

‘Patients ask me on a daily basis what make-up is best to use after procedures, for sensitive and irritated skins and to prevent break out’s.

Oxygenetix is ideal for all these cases. It allows the skin to breathe and heal.’


Specialist skin, laser and body clinic, health + aesthetics, Farnham, Surrey Specialist skin, laser and body clinic, health + aesthetics, Farnham, Surrey Specialist skin, laser and body clinic, health + aesthetics, Farnham, Surrey Oxygenetix foundation acne, scars, rosacea



Duration of Treatment

Life-long once you see the benefits of Oxygenetix.

Anaesthesia Required




Recovery Time



Healthy skin. Treats skin disease.

Suitable For

All skin ages and types for skin health. Excellent for sensitive, irritated, acneic, oily and congested skin. Also allows skin to heal quickly.

Number of Treatments

Daily homecare product.


Please contact the clinic for more information.

Before & After

Before & After Oxygenetix 0

*Results may vary from patient to patient*

Oxygenetix Treatment Info

Oxygenetix was first launched in Beverley Hills in 2008. It has a combined 160 years of cosmetic and medical expertise behind it.

Oxygenetix is the official make-up line for 17 Hollywood film studios and is an essential product for make-up artists.

It has real skin care benefits, provides flawless coverage and delivers an unsurpassed, oxygen-enriched formula that allows skin to breathe.

Oxygenetix is the most breathable foundation, more than any other foundation brand available. This is due to the patented pro-healing Ceravitae™ Complex. This is a super-charged pro-oxygen complex which promotes collagen cell production and connective tissue growth by attracting oxygen to the skin. It also contains natural Aloe Barbadensis which is gel based (not water-based like most foundations, which often attract bacteria to the skin), has anti-bacterial qualities, removes dead surface cells and protects damaged skin

Oxygenetix foundation gives complete and natural coverage to even the most sensitive and compromised skin. It acts as a virtual second-skin, allowing the skin to breathe and allows the skin to heal quickly.

Oxygenetix range features a specific Acne Control foundation with time-released 2% salicylic acid to uniquely deliver proprietary acne control ingredients whilst also allowing your skin to breathe.

  • Quick recovery time
  • Soothes, conceals and heals
  • Complete, undetectable coverage from day one
  • Complete protection with continued use
  • SPF 25 UVA/UVB
  • Breathable formula
  • Paraben free
  • Water free
  • Oil free
  • Fragrance free
  • Paraben free
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Transfer resistant
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Water resistant up to 90 minutes
  • Non-Comedogenic
  • Completely non-irritating, even to acne, rosacea, psoriasis, or eczema
  • Cruelty-free and vegan
  • 14 blendable, colour-corrective shades

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Dr. Tailor and the Team at Health and Aesthetics are just lovely. One feels comfortable and confident in their professionalism to attain the very best results. I unreservedly recommend."


“….I started my treatment with the use of ZO Medical products.  My routine for four weeks’ morning and evening respectively was: wash, scrub, oil control, serum and SPF –  ZO’s basic products.  I discovered after using the products just once that my face felt very tingly, especially using the oil control pads.  In fact, I had to fan my face until it subsided. I didn’t understand how or why it could sting so much, was it an allergic reaction?During my follow up appointment, I asked why it was stinging every time I used them.  This is when I learnt a lot more about the damage that I had done to my skin….”Read more of Bianca’s testimonial about skin health and her journey to get where she dares to wear her skin!Specialist skin, laser and body clinic, health + aesthetics, Farnham, Surrey ZO cosmeceuticalsBianca (26) Aesthetics Practitioner"
Dr Tailor is a wonderful clinician who makes me feel and look healthy and well and I would recommend health and aesthetics to anyone."
I have never really had a waist as such. However, as I’ve got older any definition I did have was no longer there. I have never been overweight, I eat pretty healthily and do a reasonable amount of exercise. I have spent hundreds of pounds at various gyms and although they have done no harm I’ve never been able to shift anything from my midriff.As a healthcare professional, I am very aware of aesthetic procedures and have cared for many women who have had them. I, therefore, had a look on the internet to see what was now available that had good results and not too much down time. This is how I found CoolSculpting and the health + aesthetics practice in Farnham.I was extremely nervous about the whole process but was pleasantly surprised to find that the whole thing was explained well and addressed all my questions. On the day of the first procedure, I was all ready to back out but realised this was just crazy nerves! The procedure was mildlyuncomfortable but I was able to read a magazine so that shows it wasn’t that bad! The clinic atmosphere is quiet and relaxed which rubs off on you.Everything that I was advised would happen when I got home did happen so I was reassured that things were going as they should. By late afternoon I had forgotten I had gone through anything. The only reminder was that my skin was cold to touch. This wore off fairly quickly.I returned to work and thought no more about it until my follow up 3 months later except that I started to notice that there was less flesh at the top of my jeans etc. and no roll of flesh under my bra. It was so gradual.Specialist skin, laser and body clinic, health + aesthetics, Farnham, Surrey CoolSculpting stomach femaleI had two further procedures around the same area (2 treatments at a time) and have dropped two jean sizes – the purchase of a puppy may also have assisted the process as my exercise levels have quadrupled!!! Overall if you have a person who looks after themselves but has that stubborn area of fat that won’t shift then this is absolutely the procedure for you.The team at Farnham are professional, sensible and competent and pass on their confidence to you.For me, I feel more confident in my appearance as my clothes fit properly and with that, I am more confident in my overall life.From a financial perspective if you compare the cost of a package for CoolSculpting with a liposuction package it is much more affordable. Add to that no systemic anaesthetic, no corsets, no bruising and no downtime. It’s a no brainer and the outcomes are better in my view.Pauline (58)"
"Fantastic experience with H&A in Farnham. I initially went to them to have skin tag removal. They were caring and considerate and the process was relatively painless and the results are really great. I also have tried their skincare range and I’m so pleased with the results I’m booking a follow up skin consultation to get more advice and more product. A very positive experience and would highly recommend them to anyone.Catherine (43)"