Perk Skincare in Surrey

Perk is the ideal treatment for you if you are busy and have little time. Treatment takes just 10 minutes and will give you immediate results with long lasting benefits and will fit into your daily routine easily. Perk is the world’s first hybrid facial which comprises of a professional exfoliating treatment that includes take-home products to enhance and maintain your skin’s benefits.

Duration of Treatment

10 minutes.

Anaesthesia Required



Active skin infection. Anyone on Roaccutane (or finished a course less than 6 months ago). Recent waxing. Avoid for 1 weeks after injectable treatment and laser treatment.

Recovery Time



Immediate results. Skin look hydrated, brighter and is more radiant.

Suitable For

Anyone with general skin issues and wants to improve the complexion.

Number of Treatments

Best results with a course of treatments. Results visible even after a single treatment.


Prices start from £30 per session. Please contact the clinic for more information.

Perk Skincare in Surrey Treatment Info

Over time layers of dead skin and oils builds up on the surface of the skin, blocking pores and prevents nutrients from being absorbed into the skin. Your skin needs a deep cleanse every month.

This quick treatment focuses on three areas – the face, the eye area and the lips.

Treatment will give the skin that instant glow, replenish the eye area and boost the lips fullness and softness.

Performed in as little as 10 minutes, Perk uses patented roller-flex technology to deliver immediate results and long-lasting benefits.

If you choose to treat all three areas, you will be refreshed and ready to go in 30 minutes.

Perk uses roller-flex technology. The roller pen is guided over the skin and the treatment tip gently exfoliates skin cells and impurities whilst the vacuum gently sucks it away. The pores are gently flexed and the roller ball embeds nutrients, ensuring absorption. You will have plump, hydrated, glowing skin.

You will be given roller pen applicators, which are filled with anti-oxidants, vitamins and nutrients, to take home so you will able to continue to use the roller-flex technology. You can keep your skin nourished and radiant anytime long after the professionally delivered treatment to enhance your results and give you an instant glow.

Side-effects are minimal and rare. It is suitable for all ages and all skin types.

It is not suitable for anyone who is suffering from an active skin infection such as herpes simplex (cold sores), anyone with a history of irregular skin healing and those who have taken isotretinoin (Roaccutane) within the last 6 months are not suitable for treatment.

Ideally the treatment should be carried out every month.

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I just moved to Farnham from London and I was concerned that I would not have local access to the newest and highest quality treatments as I did in London. In fact, I now benefit from equal, if not better treatments that are much more professionally administered. I have never had such good results with both filler and botox as I have had with Dr. Rekha Tailor.Susan (57)"
I’ve had the most amazing time, and it’s just flown by! This diet really works and everyone’s helpful and supportive. You won’t feel hungry and the ‘food’ is really tasty. I call it my pizza and curry diet! I lost over 8 stone (50kg) in 4 months and my life has changed! I’m missing it already and will be back! Thanks everyone.Tony (60)"
Dr. Tailor is open and honest about your potential but delivers results. A refreshing change from the masses, where they try and sell you unsuitable treatments. She is extremely knowledgeable and trustworthy. Highly recommended.Vikki (47)"


I started the Alevere weight reduction programme being 5 stones (31.75 kg) overweight. The process was supervised by Dr R Tailor starting with a medical examination and assessment of my response to the diet. I was advised that I could achieve my target weight in 18 weeks. This was exactly correct and in addition to regular consultations with Dr Tailor I was supported throughout by a team of dedicated consultants who monitored my progress, gave ongoing dietary advice, and applied the integral ultrasound treatment which enhances fat loss.The results have been literally amazing and I am now at a weight (and shape) I’ve not experienced since my early 20s, (I’m now 62.) The H & A team have been crucial in this process through their support, knowledge and encouragement. I have no hesitation in recommending them and the Alevere programme in particular.Ian (62)"