Skin Peels

Skin (chemical) peels rejuvenate the complexion and restore glow and lustre to the skin. They do this by gently removing a controlled amount of the skin’s outer layers, including the dead cells on the surface. This promotes regeneration and repair and improves the skin’s overall health and appearance.

health + aesthetic’s patients from throughout Surrey and Hampshire praise the benefits of our skin peels in reducing the appearance of lines, wrinkles and sun damage to create smoother, brighter skin.

We offer a range of different chemical peels. The depth and therefore the effect of a peel is determined by the product and procedure used.

Duration of Treatment

30 - 45 minutes.

Anaesthesia Required



Anyone on Roaccutane (or finished a course less than 6 months ago), St. Johns wort. Recent waxing. Avoid for 2 weeks after injectable treatment and laser treatment.

Recovery Time

The skin will feel tight and you may flake. Gentle peels have no recovery time. Deeper peels will have a recovery time of 5 -7 days.


The skin looks hydrated, smoother with improved tone.

Suitable For

Improves lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, acne, oily skin and texture. Can treat face, back, décolletage and hands.

Number of Treatments

Best results with a course of treatments. Results visible even after a single treatment.


£150 per session for gentle peels. £350 per session for deeper peels. Discount available on a course of peels. Please contact the clinic for more information.

Skin Peels Treatment Info

Modern chemical peels are NOT painful or burning. Skin peels are a relaxing and pleasant experience. Our peels are very effective but gentle enough not to cause much flaking.

Gentle exfoliative peels freshen the skin, while deep peels can smooth, tighten and correct skin problems. They can be used to treat a variety of skin conditions including:

  • Sun-damaged skin
  • Lines and wrinkles
  • Acne
  • Brown spots
  • Melasma
  • Oily skin
  • Acne scarring
  • Redness
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Dry skin

We tailor peels to the individual, dependent on whether a gentle or more dramatic result is desired and on whether you can accommodate shedding of the skin or prefer a peel procedure to go unnoticed.

A course of treatments is usually recommended because the beneficial results are cumulative. We will be able to advise you about this at your consultation.

These gentle peels penetrate the superficial layers of the skin to give a clearer, smoother complexion with improved hydration and a youthful glow. One treatment will brighten the skin, but a course will reduce pigmentation, wrinkles, acne and breakouts. These treatments are easy to fit into daily life because there is usually only mild dryness after the procedure and no downtime.

We use combinations of lactic, glycolic, and salicylic acids in these peels.

These stronger peels penetrate more deeply and can achieve dramatic results including skin tightening and reduction of sun damage, pigmentation, fine lines, open pores and scarring. Some visible peeling occurs for 3-7 days after the procedure.
We use trichloroacetic acid in these peels.

The ZO Stimulator peel from the ZO Range is different since there is not much downtime but the results are remarkable. The 3 Step Stimulator Peel has 3 Steps.

Step 1 – Salicyclic acid, Lactic acid and Trichloroacetic acid.
Step 2 – 6% Retinol is applied directly after the peel and more is applied 6 hours later.
Step 3 – A calming cream is applied straight after the peel and then several times for 5 days after the peel.
This peel will improve all of the conditions discussed above.

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I really enjoy my visits to the clinic. The staff are excellent and give you their full attention. I have been so pleased with the changes in my skin, I feel much younger. People have commented on how good my skin looks. Thanks to the team.Katherine (45)"
I cannot recommend Rekha and Hannah enough. I had no confidence when I first visited the clinic with rosacea but was treated with kindness and empathy. A fantastic experience and now my skin looks great!"
I have been trying to lose weight over the past six years, it was initially for my son’s wedding. There were a few reasons why the weight went on which had nothing to do with the way I was eating. The menopause being one, where I put in 10lbs & sadly the death of my husband which caused stress hormones to add to more weight gain another stone to be exact, by this time I couldn’t identify with myself in photos etc, I exercise daily which I have always done together with long walks, but no weight loss. Then Rekha told me about the Alevere diet, so I thought I would give it a try as nothing else had worked & I mean nothing, to start with nothing did happen & I got quite low about this but Rekha talked me through it saying give it time it will work & she was right the weight started to drop off. I found the diet easy to do with a lot of motivation & support from the girls as well as being medically checked all the way through. I am now two stone lighter and look like who I used to be, it has been a mind body & soul experience.So a big thank you to Rekha & all the girls at the clinic. Sue (65)"
Dr Tailor and Hannah are very professional and personable at the same time. I have no hesitation recommending my friends for any of their treatments and services."