MeDical or MD Codes are a set of pre-defined areas in the face where dermal fillers can be injected to create a natural result. While MD Codes cover the entire face, they pin point smaller areas on the cheeks, eyes, temples, chin, jawline, forehead, brow and lips. In fact, there are 75 different codes on the face which create this sophisticated and effective treatment. Of these 75 specific codes, eight of these can work wonders alone and were the first form of inventor Mauricio de Maio’s MD Codes. The eight-point face lift uses small amounts of the dermal filler at precise points in the mid and lower face to give a subtle and rejuvenated natural look, lifting the face but not appearing fake or overdone. So, how does a simple eight-step process create an uplifted look, how does it work and what is the after effect?

Consider the Total Look

Volume in the face, for a woman, gives natural smooth curves, while for a man, it can also provide strength and more of a defined structure. Losing volume in your face over time is a natural process and we are all affected by it no matter what. Volume deficiency or loss occurs in eight distinct areas of the face, which is why this eight-step process is a great method that focuses on these specific areas. You may notice that a lack of volume in certain facial areas may cause shadows, which can also make you feel much more tired than you are.

Cheekbones (1 & 2)

Volume in the cheekbones gives a youthful definition to the face, whether you are male or female. The first two steps of this eight-step facelift are in the cheeks; one in the cheekbones and one higher up towards the top. You most likely had fuller and smoother cheekbones when you were younger. To see how much volume you may have lost in your cheekbones, you can tilt your head down while looking in a mirror. Now, look up slightly. If your cheekbones are now flatter where you once had a smooth curve, you have gone through significant volume loss.

Tear Troughs (3)

The third point is the tear troughs; losing volume here may create a tired look, even when you aren’t specifically tired. The tear troughs are located just underneath the eyes. Hollow depressions under the eyes can not only make you look less youthful, but can also make you look much more tired than you are. The eight-point facelift will decrease your eye circles and hollows, making you look much more refreshed and rejuvenated. You can check how much volume deficiency your tear troughs have gone through by the same process as checking the cheekbones: tilt your head down and look up.

Nasolabial Folds (4)

The nasolabial folds are the static lines which occur by the nose and mouth and deepen over age. Some people sometimes refer to these as smile lines. These deepen as you age, as soft tissue gradually pushes in a downwards position over time. You can check the volume in your nasolabial folds by smiling with your teeth while looking in a mirror. When you stop smiling, if the lines are still prominent and seem more like folds than lines, then you have lost volume in this area

Mouth Frown (5)

Another major area where facial volume is lost is at the corners of the mouth. Over time, these areas can drop naturally, which may give an appearance of sadness. This volume loss can get progressively worse over time, during the natural process of ageing. You can check this by looking in the mirror again. If you can see hollowing in the corners of your mouth, then pinch the skin in that area. If the skin folds, then volume loss has occurred.

Pre-Jowl Area (6)

Over time, gravity naturally pushes our skin downwards, which is part of the cause of skin folds and wrinkles. The force gradually redistributes soft facial tissue down, causing depression in the lower face and jowls. You can see the beginnings of jowl formation by lowering your head down and keeping your eyes looking up. You can also check this area by looking at your profile, as this can be extremely revealing. It’s probably best to look at a good quality photo with your head looking down. Do you see hollowing in the side areas of the chin?

Jawline (7)

Perhaps one of the most noticed points is the jawline, which can be considered extremely important in your overall look. Ageing alters the curve which runs from the chin to the back of the jaw. As we age, we naturally and gradually lose definition and volume in this area. This is due to losing soft tissue over time. Tilt your head forward and to the side. Do you notice a less smooth and defined jawline compared to what you used to have?

Cheek Volume (8)

Over time, your cheeks lose a lot of volume and, while natural, a flat look on your most prominent facial feature isn’t a desired aesthetic. Cheeks which were once full and well-defined may now be flatter and hollower. Turn your head at a 45-degree angle. If you notice a loss of curves in your cheeks, especially in the middle of your face, you have had a decrease in facial volume.

Through this fantastic and easy eight-point facelift using MD Codes, we can create a brighter and fresher look for your skin and dramatically improve your eye circles and hollows. You will have fewer lines and wrinkles, your jowls will be lifted and your jawline much more defined. It also makes you look less tired and much more refreshed. While ageing is a completely natural process, we lose fat from different locations in the face which are needed to create a more volumized look. Over the years, our scientific understanding has developed and has become much more sophisticated. We can now rejuvenate your face much more accurately, effectively and safely. If you would like any further information on how the process of MD Codes works or how we carry out this eight-point facelift in Surrey, you can get in touch with our team or make an appointment.

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