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What Are the Advantages of ClearLift Over Traditional Facelifts?

What Are the Advantages of ClearLift Over Traditional Facelifts?

POSTED ON: 31st August 2017

A facelift, or rhytidectomy, is a cosmetic procedure that adds a smoother, firmer, and youthful look to the skin by treating visible signs of ageing, such as wrinkles and lines. Just in 2015 alone, there were 7,419 neck and facelifts performed in the UK, out of the 51,140 surgical treatments done that year – this translates to an incredible 16% of the total number of treatments.

Many women and men alike choose a facelift to rejuvenate the appearance of their skin; however, it’s completely normal to feel nervous or anxious about making the decision to have surgery. Here at Health & Aesthetics skin clinic, Surrey we understand that surgery is always a big deal and some people will have many concerns that prevent them from going forward with the procedure.

ClearLift Treatment

This is why we provide a safer alternative, the ClearLift.

What is ClearLift?

Our ClearLift Laser Facelift, which is also known as the Hollywood Laser FaceLift, has recently become a popular alternative to the traditional facelift. This treatment is a fantastic option for anyone who wishes to plump and firm their skin, improve the appearance of puffy eyes and dark circles, and reduce pigmentation that can contribute to signs of ageing.

In addition, the ClearLift treatment also improves crepey skin, dark scars and large pores, prevents signs of ageing, and treats irregularities from dermal filler treatments. You can choose to have a ClearLift laser treatment on your face, neck, décolletage, hands and body, which means this is an extremely versatile procedure that everyone can benefit from.

While this treatment is suitable for all skin types, you still need a consultation that will let you know whether or not you’re suitable. After all, there are still some counter-indications, such as pregnancy or breastfeeding, infections and cancer.

ClearLift Treatment

How Does It Work?

This laser emits powerful bursts of light which can reach as deep as 3mm into the skin. It heats the deeper layers of the skin and creates a ‘controlled wound’ that doesn’t affect the outer layer of the skin. As this wound heals, new collagen is produced and excess pigmentation is broken down – this contributes to firmer, more youthful-looking skin.

What Are the Advantages of the ClearLift?

Our ClearLift procedure provides many advantages over the traditional facelift. For instance, there is no downtime with the ClearLift, as you will not be having surgery. On the contrary; this pain-free treatment will take just 20 minutes and you’ll notice no redness at all. On average, the course of treatments you should undergo in total is six at 2 to 4-week intervals, and you can expect more natural-looking results than with traditional facelifts. The ClearLift, then, helps you to have tighter and firmer skin without having to undergo a surgical procedure.

ClearLift Treatment

You won’t have to worry about the conundrum of wanting a facelift but being afraid of going under the knife, as we offer the perfect solution to this. Our ClearLift Laser Facelift treatment is ideal for everyone so, if you want to learn more about it and how it can benefit you, contact us on 01252 933133 and we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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