Give your skin that festive sparkle and ensure you look your very best for the Christmas party season by booking one of our fantastic treatments.

At this time of year we find ourselves busier than ever, organising presents, parties and preparations.  It can be very hard to make time for yourself.  But at this time, more than any other, we want to look our best.  So if you are not quite ready for the onslaught of family photos and silly snaps with Christmas cocktails in hand, then why not book an appointment today (while you’ve still got time).

At health + aesthetics we have a number of fantastic treatments that are perfect for giving an instant boost to your skin, whether you are looking to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, even up your skin tone or simply restore your glow!

Botox/Wrinkle relaxants

Botox has long been one of our most popular treatments and it is perfect for pre-party preparation. It works by temporarily relaxing carefully targeted areas in the face.  This smooths out fine lines and wrinkles, creating a fresher and more youthful appearance – even after the late nights and festive fizz. Here are a couple of facts on wrinkle relaxants.

The injections are quick and almost painless to administer.  Each treatment takes just 20-30 minutes and the results will last for around three months.

Dermal Fillers

Fillers are also an ideal treatment for this time of year.  Administered by a highly experienced practitioner, they subtly restore lost volume and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. They can be carefully targeted to your specific needs. Whether that is lifting the face, restoring a more youthful jawline, smoothing crepey hands or adding volume to your lips (you never know there might be a mistletoe)!

At health + aesthetics we use only the safest and highest quality fillers, including Juvederm, Radiesse and Emervel.  We also use MD codes to ensure we administer the filler at precisely the right points. This way we achieve optimal, natural results – that won’t look fake or obvious in the slightest.


Another fantastic way to achieve instant skin rejuvenation is our very popular HydraFacialtreatment.  This non-invasive and relaxing procedure combines cleansing, deep exfoliation and advanced hydration to diminish the visible signs of ageing.  Put simply it is the perfect tonic for the busy pre-Christmas period.

During the treatment we use a powerful serum containing a mix of botanical ingredients, hyaluronic acid and powerful anti-oxidants.  We can also combine it other treatments, such as a skin peel or LED light therapy to really leave your skin glowing.

We are a multi-award winning clinic and have plenty of experience with these treatments to help to achieve natural looking results.

To find out more about any of our treatments or book an appointment, please contact us. We look forward to welcoming you at our clinic.

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At Health & Aesthetics, we believe that the fundamental basis for a successful aesthetic procedure is an in-depth consultation with a skilled qualified practitioner to assess your needs and develop a bespoke personal treatment plan so that you achieve outstanding natural looking results. You can call us on 01252 933 133.

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