So, this is my 3rd weigh in on the Alevere Programme and I am stunned to say I have lost a total of 5.6 kilos!!! I had 23 kilos to lose, so 17.4 to go!!!!

I am gobsmackingly happy!!!  I’ve been massively good though, even survived a Wedding reception, although I did take my own salad and a Strawberry Milkshake…. that cracked my friends up!!! So glad I did as the meal everyone else had was a lovely burger!! Smelled scrummy but, hey, sacrifices have to be made!!! I did ask my therapist Rena, if I could at least could I have a diet coke at the wedding? Answer… No, but I could have a slice of lemon in my sparkling water!! Oh, joy and yes, I did have a slice of lemon and a very BIG bottle of sparkling water!!

My next test will be next week, as my daughter and I are going to EuroDisney for a few days. I’m not at all worried, I have it all planned out. Obviously, I’m not going to be able to take sachets with me to cook up meals, but I will risk the soup, which I love, and hope someone nice will let me heat up in a microwave. As a standby I will ensure I have plenty of drinks, as they are easy to make up in the shaker, and also a few vanilla and chocolate desserts, will be nice with my fruit allowance. Where there’s a will there’s a way!!!

I have been experimenting a little bit mainly with the sachets involving the meals, made quite a few mistakes, so some of them weren’t too nice, but you just keep trying and changing what you use until you get a taste you like. I go back to certain recipes again and again until I get them right. Mainly though, I do prefer the veg fairly plain, just cooked different ways, stir fry, courgette spaghetti, cauliflower rice… Then I get a pudding from my fruit allowance or my favourite, pancake and chocolate spread!!! How can this be hard!!!!!!

So, I carry on, and yes, the weight loss has slowed down, but I still can’t resist jumping on the scales every now and again, just that I can’t believe how much I’ve lost!! I am determined to have lost the equivalent of a stone next weigh in. I can see the difference already, and so many people have commented on my changing shape!! Also, my changing character!! I’m sleeping so well now, and I have so much more energy, I’m singing and laughing more again too. This is just such a boost for me in every way.

Today, a colleague accidentally made me a normal cup of tea, with milk, rather than my new usual, Peppermint tea. I took a big gulp before I realised and lo and behold!! I couldn’t drink it! Partly as I found the taste a bit “heavy” and partly because I am determined not to fall “off the wagon”. I have drunk tea all my life and loved it, so it’s true what I have been told, your taste buds change!

Keep fingers crossed I reach my first goal by my next weigh in!!! Then it will be deciding what little goal I will aim for next!


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