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POSTED ON: 16th July 2018


So ok folks, this is my 5th weigh in for Alevere, and I have lost a total of 8.4 kilos now ( about 18 1/2 lbs) Absolutely amazing, and you can really start seeing the results now!! Had to give away clothes already…Too big!!!  Lost 1.2 on the 4th week and a whopping 1.6 this week. I am amazed as it has been a very difficult week.

My daughter and I went to Eurodisney last Sunday, my suitcase was packed with my protein sachets, too many really but I wanted back up plans!!! Slight downer on the way, as I was targeted by a gang of thieves and had all my money stolen, could have been worse.. they could have stolen my bag with my food and protein shaker!!!

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We went on to have a lovely couple of days though, it was fun but boy, Disney needs to sort out it’s food outlets!!! I thought it would be easy to get a salad or vegetable sides but I was mistaken!! The hotel did a continental breakfast, so I managed with boiled eggs, taking out the yolk of course, and also some fruit, but had to pick through to eat what was allowed. Lunchtime, after a lot of searching, we found an outlet that did a chicken and egg salad (mainly salad though) My daughter and I did swapsies, she had my chicken and I had her egg. In the evenings before we went out I had a soup, (luckily we had a microwave as we were in a studio apartment) I then stunned the waiters in the restaurants, and it took a while to get the message through, but I had a side salad one night and a side of grilled aubergines, nearest I could get to vegetables!!!

The last night was the funniest, I asked for a starter of Chicken Caesar salad, without the chicken or caesar!!! Didn’t quite get the message over, but it was near enough!

What surprised my daughter, who was amazingly supportive, was my commitment to the eating programme, but when she tasted my Strawberry Milkshake and Chocolate Dessert she understood why I didn’t feel I was missing out too much!! What she also noticed was my energy levels were amazing!! We walked around Eurodisney from 11 am to 10pm, and apart from my feet were getting sore, I never flagged, and we even walked the mile to and from our hotel ( when we had a free shuttle bus)

I have had a little problem though, the day before I went to Eurodisney, I got a bad tummy, and it continued off and on all the week. As soon as I mentioned it to my therapist Rena, she immediately went off to speak to the team. She advised me to drop my dose of Trace Minerals back to 10 drops, and it had an immediate effect. That is definitely why I wanted this medically supervised, everything is based around me as an individual.

So, the weight loss is going much better than planned, as they like you to lose a kilo a week, and I seem to be exceeding that. The treatments are a real treat, and it’s so great to see my tummy not only getting smaller but no saggy skin!! Medically wise, I’m well monitored and looked after, encouraged and advised. I honestly think for me, this is well worth the money so far. Onwards and downwards…I hope.. !!! 😂😂



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