Hi guys. So, this is my 4th blog, slightly later than usual as I have been on holiday. I’m 9 weeks into the eating plan and I have lost a total of 12 kilos!!! (That’s approx. 26 1/2 pounds!!!) It seems so unbelievable!!!

Saying that, I am amazingly happy with my progress, but it has slowed down a lot, which I was told to expect, and it was so hard to stick to the plan while out walking and travelling around on holiday. It was not always a possibility to have a cool bag on me with my salad when I was out hiking… so I just had to get as close as possible to what I was allowed on those days. Again, as I had in Euro Disney a few weeks ago, I cannot believe how hard it is to get plain salads and vegetable dishes!! We traipsed in and out of pubs and cafes, and the main meals were something and chips, sandwiches, paninis and ploughman’s! The best I got was a National Trust cafe that did a side salad and were very happy to do 2 side salads on one plate. That was a good day!!!

I must admit, I did rely mainly on the drinks, ready-made smoothies and bars on those days as back up. So yes, you could say I fell off the wagon a tiny bit… And yes, I was allowed one ice cream by my very strict daughter in the 2 weeks!!! It was very hard to sit and watch family drinking and eating such yummy meals, but 90 % of the time, the temptation didn’t bother me, but yes, I confess, I had a couple of moments… I confessed all to my therapist, because I believe it was best to be honest, and most of the time, I was so so good! I don’t think I was bad enough to alter my weight loss plan drastically, I am very much on target, but it would be stupid to go “off plan” completely, I can imagine it would be really hard to get back on track and be such a waste of money, too!!!

One fantastic change I did like was my “new” wardrobe!! A week before I went on holiday I tried on loads of “old” clothes I had in 2 boxes under my bed. Everything except for 2 pairs of shorts fitted!!! Shorts, dresses, trousers, tops!!! All I kept, always in the hope I’d fit in again, but never believed I actually would!! Thank goodness for that, a new wardrobe absolutely free!!! Saying that, I lived in shorts and t-shirts for most of the time as it was so hot!! I could never have done that before I lost weight, I was always so conscious of my big tummy!! Now, I have a new-found confidence in myself, I feel taller and (apologies) more feminine…sexier!! My clothes are comfortable to wear, not tight and uncomfortable, and this week, the shorts I was wearing feel a bit too loose, and the ones I couldn’t fit in before the holiday, now fit!!! I’ve also given away some clothes that are massively too big now, no point keeping them, I will NEVER let myself get into that position again!!

If you do this weight-loss programme, you do need to take all the learning on board, because it does not just end when you get to your targeted weight. Towards the end of the plan, you will reduce your protein drinks and eat more normal foods, until eventually you are off them completely. It’s also been explained that it takes a year for your body to adjust to your new weight. It all makes sense, and also explains how on so many other plans, people put back the weight so quickly.

As I get further down the line, and the weight loss continues, I have listened and tried to take on as much as I can. The advice is there, you just have to take it and stick with it!! So, no, this plan is not easy, and you have to be massively determined. I hope that I can be as determined and patient with myself in the next 12 months as I am now. I still squeal with delight when I can see a reduction in weight, but there are days that I can stay the same for days on end. Be patient, believe in yourself…and become the person you want to be!!!


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