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POSTED ON: 24th August 2018


Hi guys, this is my 5th blog now!!!  14 weeks in and getting so close to my first target weight that it’s sort of getting harder now!!! To go onto the 2nd phase, I need to be 72.2 kilos at weigh in. I was 75 kilos last week… So so close!!! Can’t wait to start back on food other than salad and vegetables.. !!! However I have lost 15 kilos since my first weigh in, that’s over 2 1/4 stone!!!

I’m not going to lie, it is getting harder. I’ve been on the Alevere programme for 3 months now, and for the most time it has been fairly easy to stick to. I have really decided that I don’t like the savoury protein mixers… really gone off them, but there are so many of the different flavoured sachets that I actually really enjoy.

My problem has been this last few weeks is being so so busy that I forget the time and get well behind in my daily “programme”. Work commitments, and an absolutely packed weekend trying to sort out my Aunts care package really messed me up, not that I ate what I shouldn’t but I often forget to eat what I can!! It’s a fine balance having the protein supplements and eating enough food to ensure you don’t lose your muscle mass and lose weight safely!! I can’t say I’m scared of the guys at Alevere, but no way do I want to go in and find myself putting on weight!!! Was so disappointed last week that I had only a very small weight loss, however, it hadn’t gone on I suppose!!! New week, feeling the excitement again, so get on with it Karen!!!!!

Apart from next weekend, when I’m in Edinburgh with my Rock Choir to finish off the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, I should be home for the rest of my treatment time, which is easier, as the routine keeps me in line. The great thing is I fit my Rock Choir tshirt beautifully now, rather than squeezing the bulges in!!! At least I’ll look good!!! I can’t get over myself in the mirror!! I have a neck like a swan now!! My friends are so genuinely amazed at how I look I’ve started to get a bit shy about it all now! However I tell everyone about the programme, I’m so well looked after, medically wise and mentally wise too. Plenty of encouragement comes with the treatments, and they are all so friendly, it’s a pleasure to visit!

Just to add more excitement , I needed a new hoodie, so my sister and I popped into Next to see what they had. The size 14 was massive, oh my goodness, size 12 was perfect!!! I did a little squeal and danced around the store in excitement to the embarrassment of my sister!!! It’s been my dream to be back in a size 12 and it looks like it will happen. I can’t wait to finish now and indulge in a new wardrobe of clothes!!! Honestly, I have trouble keeping some of my trousers up!!! Now if there is an incentive to keep me going it’s that!!

Yes, it’s coming off slowly now, but I will finish this programme. It’s meant so much to me to even get where I am now. It has been a lot of money so far, and more to go for a bit but it has been worth every penny. The individual support you get and the medical back up is priceless. I could have spent hundreds of pounds on different slimming programmes. They said this would work, and it is.

Wish me luck! I hope that the next blog will have the news I’m on phase 2!!! Whoop whoop!!!

Karen xx

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