So this is my 7th blog since starting my programme. I left you just 1.2 kilos away from my phase 2 target. Believe it or not, I did it!!!

You would not believe it but I got on those scales and I was 72.2 kilos exactly!!! My therapist Rena was ill that day, I’d have liked to celebrate with her there but I was with Charlotte and we just jumped around the room in excitement!!! I’d had an awful week at work, so it was a much needed boost and what a boost!!!

Even better, I was on my way to Croyde in Devon with my Mum, so we set off after my appointment in a flurry of excitement, bit of a dampner after though, now I remember WHY I never travel to Devon on a Friday!!! We gave up and had tea in a Service Station on the M5 in the end, and I had TUNA with a salad!!! Now you might think why so wonderful??? Well when you have had salad and veg for 4 months, anything else tastes like nectar!!

Over the next few days I drooled and ate my protein treats with one meal a day, and goodness, did I drool!!! Sea bass, and veg, and a ROAST dinner!! Chicken and veg, never mind the potatoes, who needs them… Chicken.. Yum yum!! A weekend to remember believe me!!

On the downside, it has seriously messed with my head! 5 or 6 protein mixes a day to 4 or 5!! I’ve seriously had to ensure I write down all my meals a day so that I can make sure I have what I should. Sounds silly.. Yes.??? Feels like a new diet plan all over again!!!

Small downside again, didn’t lose much again the following week. Rena said it may be expected, but also we had a big discussion about my eating again. This phase is probably where I will be at my hungriest, and for me, it’s the evening that I suffer most. Going to bed hungry as hell! So she suggested having some of my unlimited vegetables as a snack later at night and bless me, it does help. However, I can see on a day to day basis that my weight loss has sort of stopped again. It’s very frustrating, you think you’re doing everything right, but not seeing the benefits. Only good thing is, as it’s now so slow, the chances are that when I finish the programme, I may be more likely to keep the weight off.

I can’t say how I have progressed from there yet, perhaps next week it will be more positive. I hope so!

Onward and …. Oops DOWNWARD I hope!!! Fingers crossed peoples.



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