So peoples, this is my last blog for Health & Aesthetics. I didn’t quite get to the weight that Dr Tailor would have liked me to be at, it sort of stopped coming off, it was very frustrating. However I had lost such a lot of weight very quickly, and it has changed me so much. I’m a very happy size 12, more energetic, and have so much to look forward to. I feel like “me” again, and it’s so liberating.

I wanted to level off at 11 stone, so Dr Tailor thought I should go down to about 10 1/2. It made sense then, and certainly much more now!!! So I stopped losing weight at 11 stone and 1/4 pound. I was happy with that, so was the clinic, they reassured me I hadn’t failed in the slightest but it would have been so good to lose those last few pounds. Going through phase 3, and then the stabilization stages, you are quite likely to put on weight, introducing back foods you haven’t eaten in months!!! So far I have coped quite well I think, I have put on just over 2 pounds, however I have been ill and haven’t been to the gym or swimming much over the last few weeks. I am hoping once I’m back to normal those couple of pounds will come back off.

I’m going to be honest here. Throughout the whole course of my weight loss, this part is definitely the hardest!! I can only describe the early weight loss process as like going to school. You get up in the morning and you know what you are going to eat all day, it’s simple and easy to follow, like putting on a school uniform… No worries!! Moving off of that strict regime, you have to start make decisions again, and calorie counting!!! Never had to do that before, what an education!

It’s not like you are thrust back into the world without the means to do this. You are guided through all the last stages quite adequately, and my advice is to concentrate on each phase, not looking at the next one until you are ready to move on, it stops temptation to eat what you shouldn’t too early!!!
As you move back to “normal” eating, you are guided with how many calories you can eat a day to maintain your weight, mine is 1486, which I think is really good. You are given an example of a 7 Day menu as a guide and given a massive book called the Calorie, Carb Fat Bible 2018, which is very interesting reading, even if it looks a bit scarily big!!!

No excuses then, but it is really really hard to step away from the Protein drinks and supplements, and I will be the first to admit it. With Christmas very close, it is hard to stick to watching your calories, but you just have to be strong.

 have fallen slightly off the wagon a couple of times, but quickly brought myself back into line, I haven’t spent all this money to lose the weight just to put it back on again.

I have also booked myself two follow up appointments, one in the beginning if January… That will be a hard one, then 6 weeks after that. I don’t want to let myself down, or the Team at H&A, so it will be a fine balance of enjoying Christmas… But not going mad! If I can get through this festive period, the next few months should be easier!!!

So farewell and good luck fellow Health & Aesthetic Medical Weight Loss clients, and if you are reading this and haven’t signed up to this program yet, and you have the ways and means to pay for it, do it. During other weight loss programs I spent a lot of money going nowhere. Now I am exactly where I want to be, and I am staying here!!!

Au revoir!!

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