My name is Karen, I am 57 years old, a Mum of one, a cancer survivor, and now just starting on my Alevere Weight Loss Programme.

How did I get here?

It took a while!!! I have heard adverts about the programme regularly on Eagle Radio, but never considered it before as I thought it was for people massively overweight. Now, at last I decided was a good time to investigate, and get more details, and here I am!

My background? Well, I became sporty in my 20s, horse riding and swimming mainly. I was always a bit of a “skinny minny” and it has only been in the last few years where things have changed, and I have had to try and control my weight gain.

My first blow was getting the Millennium Flu in 2000, which left me permanently with Menieres Disease, a balance problem, which is not so good when charging around on horses! When I began to spend more on the floor than on the horses back, that was the time when I reluctantly gave the sport up. Since then, although I took up Nordic walking, I slowly gained weight, only controlling it when I did drastic dieting programmes.

Things got worse in 2012, when at the end of an awful year, full of family illnesses, a bout of skin cancer, and a small nervous breakdown, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

I had mastectomy of my right breast, reconstruction, but also had my Lymph nodes removed under my right armpit due to cancer also being found there. Also, a month later, I started the 5 years of Hormone Treatment, which put me in the menopause and, apart from the hot sweats and normal horrid side effects, I had the added problem with more weight gain. During that 5 years, I constantly worried about my weight, as all attempts to control it didn’t work. I was constantly told that it was down to the treatment, and in the end, I just tried to stay fit.

So here I am, 2 months after finishing my 5 years of treatment, cancer-free for that time, but my weight was still bugging me. I did more research on the Alevere programme, and though it might seem pricey, it was medically supervised, which I think is such a bonus, and the treatments you get with it sounded really good and much faster than any other programmes.

After my initial consultation, and after being told I was almost 3 1/2 stone overweight, I was determined to go ahead. My bloods were taken, and the results thankfully, only came back with cholesterol problems and high blood pressure, which I was already aware of.

The following week, I had my first treatments, which I actually enjoyed. One was to help dissolve the fat under the skin and was like a very warm massage over my tummy, where my spare tyre sits!! This ultrasound treatment releases the fat from fat cells and so helps to target stubborn areas.

Then the other treatment was to tighten the skin and was done all over my back, shoulders, upper arms, legs and tummy. This was described to me as a “hoover”, and it certainly felt like it!! Bit like a hard massage (connective tissue massage as they call it), including a bit of lymphatic drainage but also this treatment feeds the skin with nutrients, it increases collagen and elastin, so the skin tightens. I loved it.

I also was given a long talk on how the programme worked and chose my first boxes of sachets for my meals. Which I was pleased to know would be taken in partnership with lots of “unlimited” vegetables and salads and a restricted amount of fruit, which also included some restricted vegetables. That was Friday 11 May 2018.

I started the programme on Sunday, as I had a dinner dance booked for Saturday night. I realised that I would have to be massively organised, as the sachets had to be made up and eaten within a certain timescale (every 2-4 hours), but all was not bad!

Chocolate dessert, pancake with chocolate spread and strawberry milkshake!!! So, the first week seemed constantly making up sachets of drinks, sauces, cooking my veg, making up salads. However, I survived work, days off, and a day out in Windsor, keeping strictly to the programme. I haven’t experimented too much with the sachets yet but am now looking at the blogs and websites for recipe ideas to make life more fun!

It is a strict programme, but I think this is what I needed. The only sachet I dislike so far was the Cappuccino drink, which everyone else seems to love! Also bulking up the plan with vegetables and salad is not a problem for me, I love them!!

So, this Friday, I went back for my 2nd round of treatments and my first weigh in. After being on the plan for 5 full days, I lost 2.2 kilos or 4.8 pounds! Amazing!!!

I know this won’t be easy, and my weight loss each week will not always be so much, but so far, I have been exceeding good. Because I feel full all the time, I haven’t been tempted to cheat at all. I’ve resisted cake, sweets, the lot, without batting an eyelid!! I think having nice desserts, and even pizza as part of the plan has made that exceedingly easy.

May be some weeks during my journey, it may not be so easy, or maybe I won’t be so happy and positive, only time will tell, but I am willing to take that time!!! I want to be slimmer, and back to the real “me” again, and put the last few years behind me.

Fingers crossed!!! Here I go!!

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