Hi guys, this is my 6th blog during my Alevere programme and I have been exhilarated by my weight loss so far, and how easy I personally have found it. No more……here I am less than a few pounds off my target for Phase 2, and I can’t shift it at all!!!

At my appointment this week I was gutted how little I’d lost in the last few weeks, and I felt massively upset, and a little bit worried! I still had just under a stone to lose, to finish the programme, and I’ve almost come to a full stop!! It was not just the money, obviously if I’m not losing, the longer I’m on the programme, and my budget is starting to run out, but that this programme is so amazing, that I didn’t want to fail at the last fence. I really believe that the weight targets I have been given will work for me, so I have to finish this….

So, my lovely Rena , my therapist, as usual made me take a step back and reassess the situation. There are external circumstances that aren’t making life easier. Personally I am feeling very stressed at work at the moment, and this has been building up week after week for a while. I always thought stress was an excuse, but it has been proven that it does not help weight wise, neither is not sleeping worrying about work!!! Stress and lack of sleep definitely will cramp your style trying to lose the pounds. So chill Karen…. relax somehow and put things into prospective.

So, here I am. I went home after my talk with Rena and while talking we also realised that I was getting a bit “stale” with my diet. Mainly due to rushing from place to place, (I never seem to stop, and it’s the clinics fault anyway… So much more energy to burn off!!!!!) I was sort of sticking to the same eating regime. The first thing I did was start looking also at what foods I was eating, and I also realised that I was getting a bit sloppy with how much restricted vegetables and fruit I was eating. As I was eating the same foods day in and day out, I wasn’t weighing the foods as religiously as I did in the beginning.

OK folks, never take anything for granted. I went back to my religious monitoring of food that I did from day one in my Food Diary. I went out and bought mainly the vegetables I can eat unlimited, and I also weighed into a bowl the tomatoes and fruit for the day. I can then dip in and know that I was eating exactly what I should have. Pure shock!! I had been eating more, not much, but enough if you add them up enough over the top to probably muck the regime up completely.

It’s Sunday morning now, I mixed my favourite foods and changed my vegetable meals in the evening and bingo!! Weighed myself this morning and I’d lost a whole pound!!!!!!! So I now need to lose another 1.2 pounds and I’m there. THIS is the inspiration I needed, basically a kick up the butt!! Lesson learned, don’t get complacent!!!

So a negative at last, but it was my negative. The positive is how much I’ve lost , 17 kilos since the middle of May THIS YEAR!! That is a mahousive 37 pounds!!! I have met so many friends this last 2 weeks that I haven’t seen for a few months and they are astounded at the new me!! The other positive is that I have packed up so much of my existing wardrobe of clothes as they are so big that I look silly. I’ve bought some size 12 leggings and trousers and feel amazing. Looking forward to going out and buying a new “me” clothes wise!!!

So peoples, it is getting harder but reassessing the situation I was made to realise that it was down to me. I just need to refocus again, and my goals CAN be reached. Well we’ll soon see. By the time I write my next blog, you will know how successful the Alevere rerun has been. Fingers crossed.



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