Spring has officially arrived in the parks and the days are getting longer. There are buds and flowers popping up in our gardens and parks. We are reminded by nature that it is time for revival, focus on clean(s)ing ourselves in body and soul.

That includes drinking more water, eating vegetables and fruits as well as looking after our skin health. More importantly it also reminds us that summer is fast approaching, and it’s about time we started to get back in shape. Time to shred those extra stones and pounds and get ready for the sunny beaches awaiting. Alevere therapy, our weight loss, body sculpting and skin tightening treatment helps you to achieve your goals in less time.

Pitfalls along the way


If the goal is to lose weight, shape & sculpt your body in a healthy but rapid way, then we have the right programme for You. With Alevere therapy you can lose significant amount of weight during a relatively short period of time.

Body shaping/Skin elasticity

At health + aesthetics clinic, we pride ourselves in providing medical treatments and therapies that are healthy and natural. Alevere therapy is no exception. Beside losing a lot of weight, it will also help you to get a better body shape while keeping your skin elastic and youthful.

Muscle tissues

While you are going through your programme, we carry out various blood and body tests and measurements on a regular basis. One of them is InBody System, a body composition analysis device that examines total body water, fat, protein and minerals across your body. This way, we can make sure that you don’t lose muscle tissues and that your metabolic rate wouldn’t be slowed down. This means that we can avoid any yo-yo dieting. At the same time,  we make sure that your weight loss is directed to the relevant areas and happens in a predictable and controlled way.

Variety of food

Our menu includes various dishes like smoked bacon omelettes, pizza, pasta, soups, bread, pancakes and lots of dessert dishes as well as hot and cold drinks. For a healthy body and skin, we also want you to eat a special selection of fruits and vegetables. You can eat these separately, cooked with, or incorporated into the Alevere foods. You can also find ideas and amazing recipes for delicious and filling Alevere meals tested and compiled by our very own Alevere expert, Alix.

Stabilisation process

The problem with any diet in general is that people either fall off the wagon during their diet or regain weight right after they finished it. With Alevere, we recognise that the stabilisation process is crucial and therefore the last stage of the diet includes maintenance. We carefully put together your diet plan for the future  which is based on your individual metabolic rate with your new weight. There is also a monthly follow up care arranged with you. There you can ask all your questions and concerns, we are here to help.


First of all, you need to know why you want to lose weight. If you have a goal and the right reasons, then you’ll have no problem following through the programme once you started.

All through your therapy, you will receive constant support from our dedicated therapists and team members on a weekly basis. Also, when you start losing significant amount of weight, it will create momentum for you to keep going.

There is also a great platform of fellow Alevere patients writing regular blogs that might give you a better understanding of the process and the day to day experience.

So, what is Alevere therapy?

It is a revolutionary programme combining weight loss, body sculpting and skin tightening. Alevere therapy is a medically supervised, non-surgical programme that can dramatically improve your appearance and your long-term health.

Safety and expertise

It has been developed by medical doctors. It focuses on optimising the body’s natural chemistry and improving metabolism to enable faster and continuous breakdown of stored body fat. All the equipment we use are certified medical devices.

Why is Alevere therapy different?

Alevere therapy is a holistic approach to weight loss, body sculpting and skin tightening. It includes two crucial parts. First is a diet that causes rapid weight loss, and the second is an ultrasound treatment combined with a massage. Using the most up-to-date ultrasound technology, we’ll help to destroy fat cells faster. After that, there is a ‘Connective Tissue Massage’ which firms and tightens your skin. This will break down uneven fatty tissues under the skin and stimulate new collagen production. This way, you will not be left with loose skin or lumps and bumps caused by stubborn areas of fat.

How do I become an Alevere patient?

If you decide you wanted to start on the programme, you need to book your first consultation with our doctor, Rekha Tailor. You will be with the doctor for an hour, who will carry out a full medical assessment. It  includes blood tests, body measurements, metabolic rate and then devise your personal treatment plan. 

Please call 01252 933 133 to book your consultation at our multi-award-winning clinic or if you have any further questions regarding the treatment.

We look forward to welcoming you soon at our clinic.

For appointment booking and any directions, please talk to our receptionist or therapist!

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