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Are You Body Confident?

Are You Body Confident?

POSTED ON: 2nd March 2018

There are numerous ways in which you can feel body confident, and it truly does differ for each individual. Thinking ‘Body beauty’ can be easier said than done, and while the saying ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ may stay true, when you are the beholder, it can be difficult to feel body confident when you want to feel happier and more assured in your appearance.

Recent research carried out by Allergan, the makers of Botox and Juvederm, has suggested that increasingly more women are turning to injectable facial fillers such a Botox to boost their confidence. So, can Botox help to improve your body confidence?

Is There a Connection?

Making changes to your appearance through treatments and procedures can seem like a dramatic step, however, these changes can have the power to boost your self-confidence. When you look your best, you tend to feel your best.

Numerous studies have found that cosmetic procedures such as Botox can influence your overall happiness. One study in particular asked participants questions linked to their physical health, their satisfaction with life, mood, body image, self-consciousness, self-worth, attractiveness, and their sense of well-being. An overall consensus was that the people who had Botox treatments ranked all scores higher than prior to their procedure.

Is it the Right Treatment for you?

While it is all well to say that there is a connection between the two, you are the only person who knows whether getting Botox, or in fact any cosmetic treatment, may or may not improve your body confidence.

At this particular stage of your life, if you are considering taking a step towards feeling more confident about your appearance, and believe that a cosmetic treatment will be a positive change, you should ask yourself 3 key questions:

  • Who are you doing it for?
  • Have emotional issues driven your decision?
  • What are your expectations?

It’s important to get cosmetic treatments for the right reason. This should be because you want it for yourself- no one else. If you have also been feeling in a bit of a rut lately or feeling down and think a cosmetic procedure may be the answer, this may not be the right time to book a consultation. You don’t want your decision to be altered by an underlying emotional issue. You should also maintain realistic expectations for the procedure. While procedures such as Botox can help your appearance, it can’t cure an unwanted life circumstance or other issue.

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Other Issues

Sometimes it’s not a matter of whether you are happy or not with your appearance. Sometimes it’s a health issue which can affect your body confidence. Botox has been proven to not just help with wrinkles and your skin but many other issues, such as sweating and even an overactive bladder. In some cases, it has also been proven to show improvement to issues such as an abnormal heartbeat and cleft lip scars.

If you are unsure of Botox and how it works, you can read our informative article “How Does Botox Work?” which will give you a in depth understanding.

If you think that Botox in surrey is the right option to step up your confidence, then Health & Aesthetics are here to help. We believe all women should feel positive and confident in their appearance and our team have only your best interests at heart. Get in touch with our award-winning team for more information.


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