PRP Therapy for hair restoration is a brand new, non-surgical treatment available here at Health & Aesthetics.  It is suitable for both men and women. It uses growth factors in your own blood to stimulate the scalp to restore hair growth and self-confidence.

We have carried out PRP Therapy for skin rejuvenation for a number of years and gained vast experience. I am delighted to say that our first wave of patients who have undergone this treatment have achieved excellent results.

hair loss prp therapy

What is PRP Therapy and how does it work?

PRP Therapy (which stands for Platelet Rich Therapy) has been a popular treatment at our clinic. It can be used to encourage skin renewal and to improve your complexion’s youthful tone and texture.  However, what a lot of people don’t know is that it can also be used on the scalp as a safe and effective treatment for hair loss.

Dubbed as “Dracula Therapy” or “Vampire Therapy” by the media, the treatment involves taking a small, test-tube size sample of blood from your arm, just like a routine blood test.  Your blood is then separated (centrifuged) into red blood cells, white blood cells and platelet-rich plasma (PRP). Then our doctor injects PRP back into your scalp using a very fine needle.

hair loss prp therapy

The platelet cells contained in the blood promote healing.  In fact, platelets packed with patients’ own growth factors have been used in orthopaedic surgery for many years. It had been used to aid the healing of bones and soft tissues.  So, clearly, the science behind isn’t new.  However, used in the scalp, PRP Therapy stimulates hair follicles into the active growth phase which prompts regrowth and thickening of thinning hair.

For centuries men (and women) have tried to combat hair loss by rubbing all manner of substances into their scalps, usually with little or no success. This, on the other hand, has been clinically proven so it may just be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Is PRP right for me?

It is important to understand that PRP therapy is not a complete “cure” for hair loss.  What we are aiming to achieve is an improvement.  Naturally, results vary among different patients but, as a rule, treatment tends to be more effective in areas where the hair is thinning.  Some functioning follicles can still be seen rather than completely bald.

hair loss prp therapy
hair loss prp therapy

The treatments themselves are not painful. An anaesthetic block is given to nerves of the scalp so you will not feel any discomfort during the procedure.  Typically the whole process takes about an hour. This includes the blood harvesting and serum preparation, followed by the multiple tiny injections in the scalp at the level of the weak follicles. You will be fine to return to your everyday life immediately afterwards and nobody will know.

One of the big advantages of PRP therapy is that it is 100% safe and natural.  Because it uses your own plasma, that has not been modified or changed, there is no risk of rejection. This means that it is suitable for everyone. It can be safely used alongside other treatments.

When will I be able to see the results?

Many patients see a noticeable improvement after just one treatment.  However, we usually recommend a course of 3–5 treatments, about 4–6 weeks apart, in order to see the very best results.

The results for PRP hair loss treatment usually last between 6 to 12 months.

How can the results be enhanced?

The results can be enhanced by taking Viviscal Professional and also by having a Rioblush treatment just prior to the PRP treatment.

hair loss prp therapy

If you would like to find more about our PRP hair restoration treatment or arrange an initial consultation, please contact us at Health & Aesthetics.

We provide the highest levels of care and attention and care and hope to work with you now and in the future.

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