Alevere Therapy® – a fast, effective way to lose weight safely

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Alevere Therapy® is a revolutionary programme combining weight loss, body sculpting and skin tightening to achieve amazing results, quickly and safely. As a medically supervised programme, as well as improving your appearance, it can also have great benefits for your long-term health.

Alevere Therapy® involves no bariatric surgery (gastric band) or liposuction, so it is much safer, and can provide a permanent fat loss solution. It also tackles stubborn fat cells, and works on your body to tighten and firm your skin, improving body shape and tone.

Here at Health & Aesthetics in Elstead, Surrey, every programme is medically supervised by an experienced doctor, so you can be confident that your weight loss plan is safe, and tailored to you. Before beginning a programme, an hour-long consultation will explore your medical history, take your measurements and ensure you fully understand the programme. Then our doctor will create a personalised treatment plan.

How does Alevere Therapy® work?

The programme was created by medical doctors, who focused on using the body’s natural chemistry to promote rapid, effective and continuous breakdown of stored body fat, whilst boosting the metabolic rate and maintaining muscle tissue. The programme comprises four essential elements:

  • medical diet – a filling, flexible and easy-to-follow eating plan
  • ultrasound therapy
  • connective tissue massage
  • stabilisation

The Alevere Therapy® medical diet

The programme includes a nutrition programme, carefully designed to help you burn fat and lose weight without feeling hungry, weak or lethargic. In fact, unlike many diet plans, you should expect to feel no hunger pangs, and to have enough energy to exercise and go about your life as normal. The diet includes many different fruits and vegetables, and is supplemented by natural, purified proteins and amino acids.

Alevere Therapy® ultrasound therapy and LPG massage

Fat cells under the skin are difficult to target with conventional slimming diets. Alevere Therapy® uses weekly treatments with the latest and most effective ultrasound technology to destroy fat cells and result in inch loss. The ultrasound device we use is a certified medical device, and there are many published scientific studies which demonstrate its effectiveness.

The ultrasound therapy is combined with deep massage treatments using specially designed rollers which break down uneven fatty tissue under the skin, and stimulates the production of collagen to create smoother, firmer and tighter skin.


Once you have completed the programme and seen the weight loss and body shaping results, the final stage is to stabilise and maintain. Based on accurate measurements of a patient’s metabolic rate, we provide a maintenance programme and offer monthly follow-up treatments.

Expected weight loss with Alevere Therapy®

Everybody is different, but because this is a medically supervised weight loss programme, it is remarkably predictable, and your doctor calculates the expected rate of weight loss at the first consultation. Alevere Therapy® is a weight loss, body sculpting and skin tightening plan that really works: with most patients, we aim for a weight loss of 6-12kg (13-26lbs) per month.

To arrange a consultation to find out more about whether Alevere Therapy could help you, contact Health & Aesthetics today.

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