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BOTOX ® is a popular skin-tightening treatment to help reduce wrinkles, frown lines, forehead lines, and crow’s feet. It is a prescription medicine which is injected into muscles and gives a temporary, wrinkle reducing effect and helps break repetitive habit.

It targets frown lines, forehead lines and crows’ feet (wrinkles at the corners of the eyes) by temporarily reducing the muscle activity –repeated muscle contractions from frowning, squinting or even smiling. BOTOX ® can also be used to treat neck bands. At Health & Aesthetics, we specialise in creating natural, long-lasting results for our patients, and an injectable treatment like this can deliver fast results – usually about three days after treatment – whilst being simple and relatively non-invasive. This makes it ideal for a special occasion, and you needn’t worry about downtime.

BOTOX ® can provide a temporary cure for excessive sweating, migraine and teeth-grinding (bruxism)

But it’s not just a great treatment for non-surgical skin smoothing. BOTOX ® can also be used as a treatment to tackle excessive sweating (also known as hyperhidrosis), which can be an embarrassing problem for both men and women. Sweating when active or nervous is normal, but when we find ourselves sweating in relaxed, or inactive, situations this could be as a result of hyperhidrosis. If this happens to us frequently, it can cause issues of self-esteem and even impact on our ability to work and socialise. BOTOX ® treatment can reduce excess sweating for up to five or six months, by blocking the signals to the nerve endings which prompt the sweat glands to produce sweat.

This treatment can also be used to treat other medical conditions – in fact BOTOX ®was used for this purpose long before it became popular as a wrinkle reducing treatment. It can successfully treat migraines and bruxism (excessive teeth grinding), a condition which causes a range of problems including headache and jaw pain, and excessive wear and tear and cracking of your teeth.

Whatever the problem you are hoping to treat, talking to the expert, doctor-led Health & Aesthetics clinic will help you to decide whether BOTOX ® is the right aesthetic or medical treatment for you. BOTOX ® treatments have been extensively studies, and are approved for use in 78 countries as well as being reviewed in hundreds of scientific and medical journals. Results can last for several months, and we will talk you through every aspect of the treatment, including any potential side-effects, as well as thoroughly checking your medical profile, before recommending any treatment to you.

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