CoolSculpting – fat freezing for weight loss

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CoolAdvantage by CoolSculpting is one of the most innovative techniques on the market to help you to lose those stubborn lumps and bumps without surgery or injections. Your body contours are improved simply by freezing away unwanted fat and eliminating those bulges and love handles – PERMANENTLY.

CoolSculpting uses a process called Cryolipolysis to target small areas of unwanted fat with targeted cold. This freezes and damages the fat cells, causing unwanted fat to be eliminated from the body through the lymphatic system.

CoolSculpting is the difference between weight loss and fat loss

When we lose weight, our body’s fat cells become smaller, but they don’t go away. Typically, from sometime in our teenage years the number of fat cells in our body is a fixed number. So when we lose or gain weight, the number of fat cells stays the same – it is just their size that changes.

The CoolSculpting treatment actually reduces the number of fat cells in the targeted areas, by freezing and destroying them, so they can be eliminated using the body’s natural processes. That is one of the reasons why CoolSculpting is ideal for treating the stubborn areas like love handles, bra fat, moobs, double chin or the backs of arms, which are hard to target with diet and exercise. And once they have been treated and eliminated, those fat cells are gone for good.

How does CoolSculpting freeze away unwanted fat cells?

First, we apply a special cooling pad to protect the skin. Then a CoolSculpting handpiece is used to target the specific area(s) being treated. There are no needles or surgery, so no pain, just a little bit of pressure. The total duration of your treatment will depend on the number of cycles you are having – each cycle takes about 35 minutes. You can relax, read or even work on a laptop during the procedure, and there’s no downtime afterwards. The treated area can feel a little tender for 2-3 days but will not interfere with your routine, and there is no need to follow a special diet or exercise regime.

Who can benefit from losing fat with CoolSculpting?

The ideal candidate for fat freezing is someone within 2 to 3 stones of their ideal body weight, with pockets of soft fat that you can pinch between your fingers. After the treatment, you may not see a significant reduction in your weight, but you will notice the difference in the shape of the area treated, and the way your clothes fit: After one or two sessions, CoolSculpting typically reduces the fat in the area treated by up to 25-40%.

To arrange a consultation to find out more about whether fat freezing with CoolSculpting is suitable for you, contact Health & Aesthetics today.

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