Femilift – a new, pain-free way to tighten your vagina

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It is surprisingly common for women, particularly during/after menopause or following childbirth, to experience changes in their vagina as it loses collagen and elasticity. These changes can affect your enjoyment of your sex-life, and may even lead to stress urinary incontinence or an increased tendency to vaginal infections. Until recently, common treatments, mainly based on hormone creams or lubricants, tended to be messy and ineffective. Health & Aesthetics in Elstead, Surrey offers Femilift, a laser rejuvenation treatment designed specifically to rejuvenate and tighten vaginal skin.

Femilift is a simple new treatment

Femilift is a quick, painless and effective new laser treatment which stimulates collagen growth to restore the vagina’s tone and sensation, restoring feeling, comfort and control, and giving long-lasting benefits to women’s sex lives and levels of self-confidence.

It’s a revolutionary non-invasive therapy and, as well as being entirely pain-free without anaesthetic, it needs no downtime or recovery time. There are no needles and no cuts – the treatment can be carried out in your lunch hour and you can return to work if you want to. It’s also a lot less expensive and inconvenient than surgery – the cost of a course of Femilift treatments is considerably less than the cost of vaginoplasty, especially when you consider the time you might have to take off work after surgery.

How Femilift works to tighten the vagina and reduce dryness

This ultra-simple treatment uses laser therapy to stimulate collagen growth and rejuvenate the vaginal tissues and those surrounding it. The tightening effect helps to restore sensation, and the improvement to your vascular system (blood flow) also stimulates natural vaginal lubrication. The beneficial effect on tissue health even helps to relieve any tendency towards vaginal infections.

Femilift is quick, easy and discreet

We guarantee a completely confidential service, with consultations and treatments carried out only by an experienced and sympathetic female doctor, so you can feel entirely comfortable about discussing the changes in your body. Dr Tailor is one of the UK’s leading practitioners of the treatment, who has practised it since it was first introduced to the UK in 2014.

Each appointment takes less than 45 minutes, with the process itself typically taking only about 10-15 minutes. Treatment involves a course of just three treatments, four to six weeks apart, and most women see the final results about six months after the first appointment. The results last for 18-24 months, though for the most long-lasting effects maintenance treatment every 12 months is recommended.

Medically evaluated, safe and effective treatment

Femilift has FDA approval, which means that it has undergone many trials to ensure that it’s safe and delivers results. In a 2017 medical study, 90% of women reported a significant improvement after just three treatments, with no negative effects.

Watch our videos, or read what some of our patients have to say about Femilift.

To arrange a consultation to find out more about whether Femilift could help you, contact Health & Aesthetics today.

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