Winter Skin Treatments

Winter can be a time where we overlook our skin and bodies. A combination of hearty, warming food, and layers…

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Are Non-Surgical Cosmetic Procedures on the Rise? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Why Choose Non-Surgical? As technological advances change the world of cosmetic procedures daily, here at Health & Aesthetics we endeavour to provide…

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Beat hair loss naturally with PRP therapy

PRP Therapy for hair restoration is a brand new, non-surgical treatment available here at Health & Aesthetics.  It is suitable for…

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Platelet Rich Plasma – PRP Therapy

The powerful, natural way to rejuvenate the skin and reverse hair loss It’s that time of year! The shops are…

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Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal targets hair follicles with pulses of light with the aim of destroying the hair at the root….

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Countdown to Summer

Though the weather may tell us otherwise, the summer holidays are, for many of us, just a few short weeks…

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Thinning hair – treat with Viviscal Professional

As I have got older, treatments to cover the increasing amounts of grey, has resulted in thinning hair, loss of…

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Hair removal with Soprano ICE Hair Removal

Pain-free laser hair removal If you want to achieve smooth, soft, hair-free skin, then why not try our pain-free laser…

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At Health & Aesthetics, we believe that the fundamental basis for a successful aesthetic procedure is an in-depth consultation with a skilled qualified practitioner to assess your needs and develop a bespoke personal treatment plan so that you achieve outstanding natural looking results. You can call us on 01252 933 133.

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