Though the weather may tell us otherwise, the summer holidays are, for many of us, just a few short weeks away.  And while the ‘eat less and exercise more’ aspirations we had in January may not have 100% gone to plan; there is still plenty you can do to boost your confidence and ensure you look your very best this summer.

Summer holiday

At health + aesthetics we offer a number of treatments that are perfect for a pre-holiday boost.  These include our CoolSculpting fat reduction treatment, EndyMed 3DEEP™ skin tightening and pain-less permanent hair removal, using the advanced Soprano ICE laser system.

Coolsculpting is a fantastic, safe and clinically proven method for reducing those stubborn areas of body fat that seem to be resistant to diet and exercise, such as the stomach, hips and thighs.
The FDA approved CoolSculpting technology uses a specially designed handpiece to effectively ‘freeze’ and destroy unwanted fat cells, that are then dispelled from the body through the lymphatic system, leaving the surrounding tissue entirely undamaged.  It involves no surgery, no needles and no pain, yet produces fantastic, natural looking results.

The procedure typically takes around 60-90 minutes, dependent on the number of areas being treated.  It is suitable for all skin types and requires no recovery time.  Results typically begin to appear around 3 weeks after treatment, with the most dramatic changes visible after 1- 3 months.  Patients typically see a 25-40% fat reduction in the treated area(s) after just one treatment and as long as you maintain a stable weight, your results should be long-lasting.


EndyMed 3Deep™ Skin Tightening is a highly effective, skin-tightening treatment that uses state-of-the-art radiofrequency technology to reduce lines, wrinkles and photo damage.

It is an excellent way to achieve tauter, more youthful looking skin on both the face and body.

So how does it work you may ask? The radiofrequency waves gently generate heat within your skin, stimulating skin cell renewal and encouraging new collagen production which causes the underlying structures of your skin to lift and tighten.

The treatment is FDA approved, safe and non-invasive.  There is no pain or recovery time and very little risk of inflammation (which makes it perfect for before a holiday).  Many patients see results after just one treatment, but for optimum benefits we usually recommend a course of six treatments at 1-2 weekly intervals.


And last but not least, hair removal….  We all long for smooth summer skin and getting it has never been easier.  With our pain free laser hair removal system, shaving, waxing and bleaching could all become a think of the past.

The Soprano Ice advanced laser system we use here at health + aesthetics is suitable for all skin types and is the most comfortable laser hair removal option available.  It is suitable for anywhere on the face or body including: bikini line, underarms, legs and upper lip.  Most patients will see an approximate 50% reduction in hair growth after just 3 laser hair removal treatments and up to an 80% lasting reduction after 6 – 8 treatments.  However, results vary between individuals.

Soprano ICE

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