Top 4 tips for smooth and healthy skin during the winter months

As winter sets in the battle for healthy skin become more strenuous. The cold weather and central heating can break down our skin’s barrier function and cause the skin to become uncomfortable, dry, red and flaky.

The barrier function acts as a protective layer for the skin; it prevents the loss of water (moisture) and protects the skin from harmful bacteria and irritants from entering.

winter skin

As the seasons change, so should our beauty regimes

The main cause of winter skin is dehydration, this is due to the combination of the weather and central heating.  Overall these two things zap the moisture away from our skin. This may lead you to feel as if you want to apply heavy creams to help fight the dryness. But rather than slapping on thick, greasy and ineffective moisturisers, adjust your products and regime and treat yourself to a booster treatment or two, such as the Hydrafacial for an ultimate hydration hit.

Product Ingredients

Product ingredients are also important factors when battling winter skin. For instance, hyaluronic acid is a powerful hydrator, it draws water up from the deeper layers of the skin into the more superficial layers. Glycolic acid and salicylic acid are both great for speeding up the shedding of the dead, dry and dull skin. These are great contributors to the healthy glow we all desire. However, exfoliation can easily be overlooked but it is a crucial step in the skincare routine. Not only does it help with dead skin removal, but it prepares your skin for the application of products that treat the skin. Meaning, you’ll be able gain much more effective results from products, as they are able to penetrate deeper into the skin.

We must not forget the body in amongst this. A quick scrub and moisture application is all that is needed for perfect perk.

winter skin


Remembering the sunscreen is also important, sunscreen isn’t just for the summer. Applying a broad-spectrum sunscreen to the face and even the hands will help protect your skin from unnecessary damage from the cold, wind and of course the sun.

Hands and Lips

Hands and lips take the brunt of the cold weather. Chapped lips and cracked hands almost seem like a given at this time of year, but they shouldn’t be! LipRebuild from ZO is a must have, it instantly nourishes and hydrates the lips and gives moisture that lasts throughout the day; and the nourishing hand crème from ZO is the perfect way to keep your hands soft.

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