The empowerment of women has become a significant topic in discussions of development and economics. It’s fair to say we have made much progression in the subject, from political changes and employment issues to the social status of women. We’ve come far from not having the right to vote to being in many major positions of power today.

However, one may say that the statement of feeling empowered can be overused and if anything, misused – especially by the world of showbiz. Every woman feels empowered in individual ways and reaching your ideal weight can be one way to do just that.

With International Women’s Day just around the corner and the week of Women’s Empowerment Month taking place all through March, today we take a look at some of the ladies at Health & Aesthetics who are leading the way for confidence and positivity. They have achieved this through the magic of the Alevere Weight Loss Programme and are paving the way for all women to achieve what they truly desire, no matter what.

Meet Berengere

Brave Berengere had been struggling with her weight for some time, and after trying many diets that didn’t achieve the desired effect, she decided that Alevere in Surrey was the perfect solution. She liked the fact that the diet was scientifically backed and seemed ‘very rounded’ overall.

Her friends and family were very supportive and shocked by the weight loss transformation. Take a look at what she had to say here:

Meet Jenny

Borderline diabetic, Jenny Hoffman decided she wanted to do something about her weight. After discovering Alevere, doing some research and luckily coming into money, she decided to invest in the treatment. She went from being sceptical to a truly empowered woman after achieving her goal of weight loss.

Meet Wendy

Wendy had trouble with feeling confident. She couldn’t look in the mirror without finding things she wasn’t happy with; she felt anything but empowered. Her feelings towards herself weren’t what she wanted. Her solution for this came when she saw an advertisement for Alevere on a bus. Her reason for choosing Alevere in Surrey was due to the professional and scientific method behind it. Along with her friends and family, Wendy is happy with the results and now feels confident and empowered. Take a look at what she feels in this video.

Losing weight can be the solution to bringing back your confidence.  This type of journey can be vital to bringing the true meaning of joy back into your life. After all, getting in shape and losing weight is about the desire to live a healthy life. It should not be about trying to replicate an airbrushed model on the front of a magazine.

Take a look at some of these other leading ladies and their weight loss journey through Alevere:

If you are ready to begin a life changing journey with Alevere weight loss in Surrey, simply get in touch with our team at Health & Aesthetics. These leading ladies are just a few examples to show how your life can change for the better. The first step is simply for you to request a brochure, make an enquiry or book a treatment. Before you know it, you will be a leading lady in all aspects of your life.

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