Keira was diagnosed with Bruxism and temporomandibular disorder, known as TMD, where the complex system of muscles, bones, and joints stop working in harmony resulting in chronic facial pain.

In December 2018 she visited Dr Rekha Tailor at Health & Aesthetics, who suggested injecting Botox into her jaw muscles to ‘paralyse’ them and prevent them from clenching too much.

Following the five minute procedure, Keira said she noticed a staggering difference in just a week.

‘For the first time in nearly three years I was headache free. I’ve never looked back! Thanks to Botox I’m pain-free and enjoying life again.’

During her session with Dr Rekha, she told ow the Botox would effectively paralyse the muscles in her jaw and allow them to relax, thus reducing the pain.

Bruxism & TMD


Keira added: ‘After years of headaches that were so painful they were ruining my life, not to mention the time and money spent on acupuncture, physio, osteopathy, neurologist visits, maxillofacial appointments, MRI scans and medication, finally I was pain free and able to enjoy life.

‘Dr Rekha Tailor explained that the procedure usually lasts three to six months, so approximately three months later I had Botox injected into my jaw again, as well as into my forehead this time to further prevent the headaches.

‘An unexpected side-effect is that my face has slimmed down a lot too, because the overdeveloped jaw muscles have reduced and my skin looks wrinkle-free!

‘Although aesthetics is the reason most people get Botox nowadays, for me it was just a welcome side-effect of the treatment that’s given me my health and my life back.’

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Bruxism & TMD

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