I was starting to get frustrated on how my contour was changing after significant weight loss. As a result, my back was suffering with a bit of dreaded bra-overhanging. I started opting for larger clothes which was not what I wanted. I exercise regularly and was really struggling to lose those little pockets of fat so chose CoolSculpting to freeze these pockets.

I was nervous, but knowing that CoolSculpting was FDA approved and had great results was a source of great comfort. I had already undergone procedures and treatments with Health & Aesthetics so I had every confidence that they would get me the very best results.


The treatment itself was surprisingly comfortable. At first, it was exceptionally cold and then it went numb after 5 minutes. It just wasn’t painful (which I was definitely scared of) and the treatment lasts 35 minutes each cycle. I had a total of 6 cycles, four with CoolAdvantage and two on the CoolAdvantage petite to give me a tailored results.

Surprisingly, it was really comfortable and actually quite relaxing. Having two cycles done at once with DualSculpting was great as it meant I got to have the treatment in half the time. Definitely a bonus!

After I finished my treatments, I felt good. The area was still relatively numb!



The next day, I was quite sore and then felt a touch bruised. This lasted for about 4 weeks until the whole area went back to normal. The area felt a bit swollen but this was fine as I expanded my bra a bit to make it more comfortable.


I went into Health & Aesthetics and was pleased I was already starting to get some results and a slight contour. I felt completely back to normal and was now just excited to see my final results at 12 weeks.


I was thrilled when I saw my final photos. I had slightly gained weight, so I was expecting this to be reflected in my results. But I was thrilled to see that my back looked much more contoured and significantly diminished in size.

I am so pleased that I have decided to get my stomach treated!

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