From the age of 11, I was aware of how I looked and the ideals in the world of beauty. As I became more conscious of what males and the world defined as pretty I started to become very self-conscious. Throughout my early teens, although these trends altered, one thing remained the same was the ideal face shape.

In my mid-teens I bought a makeup book on contouring and how to reshape and emphasize features. It stated the ideal face shape was a heart shape. My teenage selfwas crushed when I realised my face shape was defined as round.

Understanding that my round face shape was genetic was something I dealt with over the years, however, I never stopped being self-conscious over it. I really disliked the fact that no matter how much weight I would lose, I still had a “double-chin” based on my round face and small jawline. As time went on, this really damaged my self esteem and changed the way I felt about my body.

If I were to take photos, I would be very specific as to how they were taken and often resorted to editing programmes to slim my face and define my jawline. Eventually, I decided that I wanted to speak to someone about addressing my jawline.

I went to Health & Aesthetics to discuss with Dr Rekha Tailor my options. We created a bespoke treatment plan designed to treat my small, softer jawline and my double chin.

The first stage of treatment I decided on was CoolSculpting. After my consultation and assessment, I was told I may need up to 4 cycles of CoolSculpting to freeze and kill the unwanted fat cells under my chin.

The first stage of treatment was CoolScultping. After my consultation and assessment, I was told I may need up to 4 cycles of CoolSculpting to freeze and permanently remove the unwanted fat cells under my chin.

I was excited to get my treatment plan underway and knew that CoolSculpting was the first step to changing my face and ultimately, becoming more confident.


The treatment was strange to say the least! It was comfortable, but the handpiece felt a bit like it was sucking on my chin. The area then was “frozen” and it felt a touch tingly, but not painful. The area then went numb after about 5 minutes.

The massage after the removal of the applicator was uncomfortable, but Bianca explained this helped to improve the efficacy of the treatment. Knowing that, I enjoyed the massage a lot more despite the discomfort!




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Over the next 2-3 days my chin area felt tender and it was a bit swollen, but as this reduced, I felt a bit more “me”. I then had 12 weeks until I returned for my review to see my full results.


After about 6 weeks, a work colleague asked if I had lost some weight, and this was based on the smaller volume under my chin. I was really pleased that the treatment was starting to get some results.


After 12 weeks I returned to see my results. I was really pleased to see the volume under the chin had diminished. However, due to my small jaw area, it was not eradicated completely. I had the option to do two more cycles of CoolSculpting, but on discussion with Dr Tailor, I decided to go ahead with part two of the treatment plan and to get dermal fillers.

The fat from my chin had pretty much gone all together, however, due to my weak jaw/chin, I still had a round face.


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I was quite nervous to go ahead with filler treatment as I wanted to look natural and still look like myself. But I knew that Dr Tailor has built her career based on her ability to give such natural results. Another concern was that they may somehow make my face look rounder. Having never had an injectable treatment before, I was apprehensive. Dr Tailor was extremely patient, reassuring and calming.

First, Dr Tailor injected 1ml of Juvederm Voluma into each cheek. This added a small amount of volume into my upper face to help create a lift. She then used Juvederm Volux to sculpt me a new jaw and chin. She used 4ml of Juvederm Volux along the entire jaw and into the chin area.

I couldn’t feel most of the injections, but in the chin area they felt a little sharper and I could feel a denser pushing sensation. However, this was over extremely quickly and I wouldn’t class it as painful, just a little odd.

The change in my profile was huge immediately after the treatment. I was very red and sore but I was excited.



In the first 24 hours, it was uncomfortable to eat and drink but as I could see such a big change, it was really exciting for me.


The fillers took between 4-6 weeks to fully soften at first, but I was advised of this so it didn’t alarm me. They can be thick and bulky, but it did just soften and looked natural.

Once the swelling had settled, we decided to inject another 2ml of Juvederm Volux into the chin to finish the projection of my chin and finalise my new jawline. This was my favourite segment of treatments as when I sat up, I could instantly see the difference. It really was the cherry on the cake and had perfected my jawline.


One of the key things for me was that I felt more feminine with my new jawline and it has made an indescribable difference to my confidence and self-esteem. I get comments from people saying “you look well” or “you’ve lost weight” which is really nice to hear, and a testament to how natural the fillers look. They are subtle enough to not show I have had “work” done, but significant enough to have completely removed my double chin and lift my neck area.

Although some people may not agree with having a procedure such as this done, they think it is because of vanity, but this has been a self-esteem and confidence issue that has affected me for years. I spent a lot of time with Dr Tailor to ensure that this was a real issue and not due to any form of body dysmorphia. This was a positive change for me, and not something that contributed to body image issues.

In total, I had 2 cycles of CoolSculpting, 2mls of Juvederm Voluma in my upper face and 6ml of Juvederm Volux into my chin/jawline area.


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