I wanted to lift my lower face to combat the sagging that was developing there. I was willing to do anything at this stage as this was expected at my age, so I was really quite happy to try Ultherapy. I had already had some treatments done at another clinic, including HiFu and a course of Caci. However, not only was I unimpressed with the results, but I had later discovered they weren’t very safe at all.

Ultherapy had been on my radar for a while and I had discovered it was the leading non-surgical treatment for lifting. I wanted to have this treatment to really target the lower face. After having tried HiFu and Caci and finding out how much better Ultherapy was, I was quite excited.”

Not looking for a surgical option such as a facelift, she came to Health & Aesthetics to discuss her options, eventually choosing a combination of Ultherapy and Juvederm fillers to lift the lower face and restore lost volume.


Following her initial consultation, in which Dr Rekha discussed her concerns thoroughly, as well as exploring her medical and lifestyle history, she diagnosed:

  • photodamage
  • laxity of the deep tissues due to loss of collagen
  • loss of facial fat especially in the mid face
  • laxity of the skin due to loss of collagen in the skin.

The patient was previously a lover of sunbeds and as a result suffered with accelerated ageing and pigmentation. She is very slim, which can make ageing more noticeable as the fat pads in the face deflate. As well as having a lower weight she also has a fast metabolism, meaning she suffers from hollowness in her face.

The patient says: “When I spoke to Dr Rekha on my first consultation, she explained that, due to my slim build and age, I had fat loss in my midface leading to sagging to the lower face. This would be best treated by combining fillers to restore the volume in my face with Ultherapy to rebuild the structure of my tissues in the lower face.”


From the recommended treatments, the patient chose:

  • Ultherapy;
  • Fillers;
  • Hydrafacials;
  • Skinade;

The patient and Dr Rekha agreed on treatment plan:

  • Ultherapy of lower face to lift and tighten the lower face and reduce sagging (December 2018);
  • Dermal fillers to treat her deflated cheeks and improve the lower facial lines and reduce sagging. Also, to treat tear troughs and deflated lips
  • Improved skin quality with a combination of bi-monthly Hydrafacials, ZO cosmeceuticals and Skinade (monthly since January 2019);
  • ZO Skin Care Fundamental 5, Retinols and Growth Factor serum to address pigmentation and ageing, texture and skin quality.

“My consultation was really thorough, and the therapist spent over an hour working out the depths that my skin needed treating. This is what makes Ultherapy far better than HiFu, as the therapist can see the depths of the skin so they can treat precisely for better results and a better treatment. I felt the treatment was really tailor-made to suit my skin and face and that is a nice benefit with Ultherapy.

I decided I would take the medication offered by Health & Aesthetics to help me relax as I knew that Ultherapy can be uncomfortable in certain areas. I was relaxed and confident, and once the treatment began I was fine. It was uncomfortable in some areas, but others didn’t hurt at all. Even at its worst, it was completely bearable and certainly not painful. Under the chin and along the jawline were the most tender areas but this didn’t take too long. The total treatment did take a long time as the therapist had to do all three depths of the skin, so it took just over two hours to complete. But I was comfortable throughout. I could have taken breaks if I wanted but I preferred to keep going so it could be finished more quickly.

Immediately after the treatment, I did seem a little red, but it was not particularly tender. I would have happily gone out later that day. There was very little redness or swelling.”


“I felt absolutely fine, and this was where I really noticed the difference between Ultherapy and the Caci and HiFu treatments I had previously had. When I had Caci I felt horrific over the next few days as I was so bruised. With Ultherapy I merely felt a little tender along the jawline but it was nothing in comparison to the pain I had previously experienced with Caci. When I discussed this with Health & Aesthetics, they explained this is because only Ultherapy allows the therapist to see the depths of the skin, so they are not treating blind. Without this, the device could hit the bone causing a lot of pain. With Ultherapy, the tenderness lasted a few days, but was only noticeable if I touched my lower face.”


Choosing the right filler for the patient was essential, partly because her fast metabolism means that she metabolises fillers quickly, but also to achieve a natural effect.

We use Juvederm Vycross range of fillers, for many reasons. It is one of the few fillers that is FDA approved, and is made from Hyaluronic acid, which occurs naturally in the skin. It is smoother and easier to inject than other fillers and produces safer and more natural results.

The patient had a total of four appointments for her fillers treatments. This allowed Dr Rekha to monitor how the fillers settled and ensure the most natural appearance for her patient.

In total, the patient had the following:

  • 5ml Of Juvederm Voluma
  • 2ml Juvederm Volux
  • 5 ml Juvederm Ultra Smile
  • 2ml Juvederm Volift

Dr Rekha first treated the mid face, then addressed the lower face followed by the lip area. She finally treated the mid face again and tear trough area, using the latest MD Codes techniques and drawing on her personal experience of 14 years.


“I spent quite a lot of time talking to Dr Rekha about fillers, and chose to do small amounts in stages to see how it settled in the face and give the most natural results.”


“In the next 24 hours I noticed the injection areas were a little bumpy, so I put on a cold compress as instructed. I had already been taking arnica prior to the treatment and I continued this for a few days to ensure that I didn’t bruise and healed quickly.”


“I feel great and can see a definite improvement in the areas treated. My jawline is noticeably more defined, my cheeks look fantastic and all the fillers combined have really lifted my lower face and neck so much. I am really pleased with these results.”


“Results for Ultherapy do take six months as this is how long it takes for the collagen to be properly produced. During this time I have been using ZO Skin Health products to tackle my skin so that I wear less makeup and that has helped with the texture of my skin. Now you can see a noticeable lift in the jowl area. People keep asking if I have had something done, which is nice, as it is subtle enough that I don’t look like I have had surgical work, while also being noticeable enough for people to see a difference.”


The before and after photos show really beautiful, natural results. The patient has restored volume in her cheeks, and a lifted and defined lower face due to the combination of Ultherapy and filler treatments. Her skin quality has also improved considerably. Her skin is radiant, has smooth texture, less lines and diminished pores, and there is a reduction in the appearance of sun damage.


“Ultherapy is certainly worth it and a lot better than the other HiFu options out there. Having experienced both, the results are certainly much better than those achieved with both Caci and HiFu and it is a lot less painful.

When combined with fillers, this really was the best decision I have made. My results are really natural, but I feel that they have given me the exact lift I wanted and needed to restore the volume and structure in my face.

The treatment is long and not super comfortable, but to have this level of lift without going under the knife is completely worth it, and knowing it is tailored to my face and my skin makes me really feel the results are the very best and I have had something unique to meet my needs.”

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