“I decided to have laser rejuvenation as I wanted to wear less makeup. I have always been very self-conscious of my skin and the pigmentation especially on my cheeks. As I have aged, I have noticed this continually gets worse, so chose to go ahead and have laser to rejuvenate my skin

Going in, I was a little bit nervous as I was worried it may hurt, but other than that, I was actually quite excited!


This was a quick treatment, each session lasts about 20 minutes and it isn’t too painful. It is a bit like an elastic band popping at you at its worst, but most of the face I was able to relax though.

Afterwards, I was a tiny bit red, but this was very minimal!



When I woke up I noticed my pigmentation had got a lot darker which I was thrilled about as this is exactly what you want after the treatment and means the treatment is working! I was a bit nervous this colour wouldn’t go down at this stage but had be told to expect this and assured it would. I wasn’t sore or tender at all.


The pigment got darker over the week and forms a slight dark crust on the skin’s surface which just dropped off about 5 days after the treatment.


It has produced excellent results and I was really pleased with how it looked after just one treatment. I continued to do a course of 2 more treatments as I wanted to further tackle my pigmentation and have received fantastic final results.

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