“Since turning 50, I was very much aware of my lines and wrinkles developing at a faster rate. After having a skin cancer scare in my 30’s I have been very good at keeping my skin and face out of the sun and protected. However, inevitably, I still had lines and wrinkles.

I was actually excited to have a treatment available to me, especially as I was unable to have fillers, so to find a natural alternative was really exciting.


Numbing cream was applied by Dr Rekha Tailor over the areas to be treated and my skin was completely numb which was a little strange at first! I was expecting a bit of pain, but there was no pain whatsoever with this treatment.

Dr Tailor then treated a lot of my face with 1ml of Viscoderm Hydrobooster with small microinjections. This was mainly in the areas where my skin had lost a lot of elasticity. The injections on my mouth to nose lines went across the line not down which was unexpected.

The numbing cream was fantastic, but towards the end I did start to feel the injections more.

I then went under the Dermalux LED Light therapy mask to stimulate healing and help with the bruising. My face felt perfectly fine and was just a little red and I found this part really relaxing.



The redness subsided over 24 hours and some slight bruising appeared which I expected as I bruise quite easily. I could already see that the procedure had started to smooth out some of my lines.


My bruising was pretty much gone after a week and I took arnica tablets to help this along. I also drink Skinade everyday and this definitely helps my skin recover and look its best.


My skin looks and feels so much more hydrated. I have always felt my skin was a bit dryer than most peoples and this has really helped it look plump and fresh. People have noticed my skin glow a lot more and I have had a number of comments asking if I have had anything done!


I would certainly recommend Viscoderm Hydrobooster. It is a great alternative for your conventional fillers and provides a very subtle but fantastic plumping by hydrating the skin around my mouth, my eyes and the forehead. I am really happy with my results and will certainly consider this a regular treatment for my skin.

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