The powerful, natural way to rejuvenate the skin and reverse hair loss

It’s that time of year! The shops are full of scary skeletons, pumpkins and colourful decorations to welcome autumn and more importantly Halloween. Though at health + aesthetics we provide PRP therapy all year around, Halloween is the perfect topical time to promote our very own “Vampire treatment”.

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy, (PRP) also known as “Dracula Therapy”, is a powerful, natural method of skin and hair rejuvenation. It uses your body’s own natural resources to improve the tone and texture of your skin and promote hair growth on the scalp.

It is a truly fantastic treatment that produces impressive, long-lasting results. Frequently hailed as the new wonder treatment, it has taken the aesthetics world by storm.

So what is the secret and why has PRP been dubbed the “Dracula Therapy”?

The treatment works by taking a very small sample of the patient’s own blood, usually from their arm (hence the Dracula connotations).  This is then separated into the red blood cells and the platelet-rich serum. PRP is full of natural proteins that speed healing, reverse cell damage and stimulate new collagen production. We then inject the super-serum back into the area you wish to rejuvenate. This can include the scalp, face, neck, hands and décolletage.

Because the treatment relies entirely on natural ingredients, it is suitable for anyone wanting to improve the appearance of lines, wrinkles or acne scarring. It also boosts their skin’s overall tone and texture. You can combine it with other treatments, such as skin tightening and SkinPen™ micro-needling.  It has also shown excellent results in cases of alopecia and hair thinning (when the serum is injected into the scalp).

Each treatment typically takes around 45 minutes, including anaesthetic numbing time.  Afterwards, there may be a little mild swelling or bruising to the skin. This can be easily covered up with make-up.

For optimal results, we usually recommend a course of 3 treatments, around 6 weeks apart.

It may have the nickname “Dracula Therapy” but we guarantee there is nothing scary about it!

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