Have you been looking at Ultherapy recently and wondering how to reduce the swelling after the treatment?

Feeling confident and happy with the way you look can be transformative, affecting every area of your life. At Health & Aesthetics, we have the opportunity to see just how incredible the results can be, both in the way they transform the skin and the mind.

If you are considering this treatment, you may be wondering about how you can take care of yourself after your procedure. Read on to find out everything from how you can reduce swelling and what to do if you experience any bruising.

What is Ultherapy?

Ultherapy is one of the many cosmetic treatments we offer here at our cosmetic skin clinic in Surrey, which is designed to lift, tighten and rejuvenate the skin. This gives a youthful appearance and can help you to feel a little bit more like you again with a renewed confidence.

The treatment is quick and works by heating the deep layers of tissue under the skin, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, which helps the skin to tighten.

You can read more about what you need to know about Ultherapy in our blog, ‘Ultherapy: Everything You Need to Know’.

Ultherapy Aftercare

Reduce Swelling

After your treatment, you may experience a little swelling in and around the treated area. This is because the skin and tissue has experienced mild trauma, so this is a normal reaction. The swelling shouldn’t last longer than a few days, but you can help to keep swelling at bay by sleeping with your head elevated on a few pillows and avoiding strenuous exercise immediately after the treatment.


You shouldn’t see too much bruising after an Ultherapy treatment. You should avoid medications that thin the blood such as aspirin and ibuprofen as these can cause more bruising to the skin. Like any swelling you may experience, bruising should be short-lived.

General Aftercare

One of the great things about this treatment is that there is little to no downtime, so you don’t have to do an awful lot in terms of aftercare. However, there are a few things you can do to look after your skin after your treatment.

Try to be gentle with your skin, avoiding harsh skin cleansers or other skin care products that may irritate the skin for a day or two. It’s always a good idea to wear sun protection, and after an Ultherapy treatment, protecting the skin from the suns UV rays can be even more important.

Keeping up a good skin care routine can help to ensure the health of your skin, and after an Ultherapy treatment, you really don’t have to worry about doing any more than this.

This treatment is a fantastic option for anyone looking to rejuvenate their skin, and the great thing is how fast and simple the procedure and aftercare is. Within a few days, any residual tenderness, bruising or swelling should subside, allowing you to enjoy the great results of your treatment.

If you are interested in this procedure, you can book a consultation at Health & Aesthetics for your Ultherapy treatment in Surrey. Simply give us a call on 01252 933 133 to make your appointment.

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