As you age, your muscles and tissue begin to weaken and break down. As a result, you may find there is a decreased tightness in your vaginal walls. This is mainly due to the tissue losing both collagen and elasticity, resulting in dryness, pain, and incontinence. We take a look at FemiLift facts and fiction below.

Many women opt for a vaginoplasty, which is a surgical solution that can tighten both the skin and vaginal muscles. This is, however, an invasive procedure that can result in a lot of downtime and pain, not to mention potential nerve damage and scars.

If you are looking for a minimally invasive procedure, then a FemiLift could be the best solution for you. It works to tighten the vaginal skin only and you may find that it improves your quality of life, as many others have.

As with any cosmetic procedure, there is often confusion between the facts and the fiction; we’re here to help you distinguish the difference so you can make an informed decision.

FACT: Ideal for Women in Menopause and after Childbirth

After body (and life!) changing events such as childbirth and the menopause, there is a loosening of the vaginal skin, which can translate to a loss of tightness, loss of elasticity, and loss of lubrication. During varied activities such as coughing, exercising, and sneezing, there can be a release of fluids that can cause you embarrassment. A FemiLift can relieve these symptoms by strengthening the vaginal tissues.

FICTION: There is Pain Involved

A FemiLift doesn’t involve any downtime or anaesthesia. Pain-free and quick, this treatment lasts approximately 15 minutes and you can go home straight after. Our female doctor conducts all procedures, which can feel similar to a pelvic exam. Some discomfort is normal, but there is no pain involved. It is, however, advised that you avoid tampons and sexual intercourse for five days so that the healing process can take place.

FACT: A FemiLift Decreases Incontinence

Through the process of tightening and strengthening the vaginal tissue, a FemiLift can also help with incontinence issues. Even if minor, incontinence can be embarrassing and have a negative impact on your self-esteem. Stress urinary incontinence can be frustrating and debilitating, and through this non-invasive procedure, you can see a real improvement that is likely to boost your confidence.

FICTION: It Simply Doesn’t Work

This procedure has brought relief and comfort to many women, and it has been known to greatly improve confidence, self-esteem, and day-to-day activities. Women also often find that their sex lives have improved due to an increase in lubrication, sensitivity, and tightness. With the stimulation of collagen production, the tissue is remodelled to be stronger and tighter.

FACT: It’s a Safe Procedure

There are minimal risk factors associated with a FemiLift due to this procedure being minimally invasive, although you may feel a slight discomfort due to sensitivity. With no pain or bleeding, the laser used only helps to stimulate the collagen grown in vaginal tissues, without causing you any damage.

FICTION: It Lasts Forever With One Treatment

As a non-invasive medical procedure, a FemiLift is more superficial than a vaginoplasty, it’s surgical counterpart. A course of three treatments are required over the course of a four to six weekly interval, although you may start to see benefits that can last up to six months with just one treatment. For longer results that last from 18 months to two years, we advise a course of three treatments. If you want to know more about how beneficial a FemiLift can be for you, our experts are always happy to help.

Here at Health & Aesthetics, we understand how debilitating these issues can be, and we always ensure that we are here for you should you have any questions. Our expert and professional female doctor and team guarantee that you always feel comfortable throughout the entire process.

Get in touch with our friendly team to know more about how a FemiLift can help you – we’re always happy to answer any query you might have at our skin clinic in Surrey.

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