As injectable facial treatments, like dermal fillers, become more and more main-stream, and both women and men are looking into how they are able to keep their skin in tip top condition, or to help reverse the signs of aging, as a clinic we encounter the same thing over and over again. Many think that one specific treatment will do. When, in reality, it won’t.

Our consulting Doctor, Dr Rekha Tailor, is confronted with what patients WANT to have done, where they want it and how much. But what they think may be the cause of their unhappiness with their appearance, may be far from the reality. Walking into a consultation a patient may begin by pointing out a deep frown line or the hardly noticeable fact that the corner of their mouth droops downwards, when in reality, these are the symptoms of a range of other issues.

Here we will explain the innovative way of treating ‘Emotional attributes’ – an approach created by the renowned Dr Mauricio de Maio. His approach, known as MD Codes, considers the full face and how the patient – YOU – feel about their face AND what the patient – YOU – want your face to tell the world.

It is progress away from simply chasing the lines and wrinkles, to treating the face holistically. It is based on a deep understanding of facial anatomy to provide consistently natural looking results.

In the words of Dr Mauricio de Maio: “What patients initially point out as an area of concern can be very restrictive, and in reality, what they desire is much more than what they are asking.”

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What is the difference between treating the symptom and treating the cause?

We link emotional attributes to facial movements. If someone frowns, you think that person is angry. We see a mouth that is turned down, we think sad. Wrinkles are for old people and we could go on. But an angry, sad or wrinkled face is a story we have interpreted by looking at the whole face – not just the forehead or mouth. If we focus just on only one part of the face, we might miss the rest of the story that is being told or get it wrong all together.

What Dr Mauricio de Maio’s approach provides the cosmetic physician is guidelines on linking those emotional attributes (angry, sad, tired, and saggy) to treatment points on the face and various techniques to deliver a natural looking post treatment result.

The ‘Emotional Attributes’ are a set of eight emotions that Dr. de Maio believes reflect what most of us feel as we become witness to the signs of ageing on our faces. They are divided into two groups.

The negative emotional attributes i.e. we want to:

  • Look less angry
  • Look less saggy
  • Look less tired
  • Look less sad

And the positive emotional attributes: i.e. we want to:

  • Look younger
  • Look more attractive
  • Look slimmer
  • Look more feminine/masculine
Instead of treating just areas, Dr. de Maio asks the patients to identify what they are willing to achieve as a message of the face.

In any consultation you, as a patient, should always be asked how you feel when seeing an image of yourself in the mirror. Do you feel you look tired? Sad? Angry? As Dr de Maio says, “A patient’s needs are more closely aligned with their emotional motivations, compared with their wants.”

How does this approach help me?

Since everyone’s face and motivation for treatment are unique, the treatment approach should be adjusted to each person’s needs and emotional desires. We are looking at the full picture and helping our patients focus on how they want to feel from treatment versus focusing on bothersome lines and folds in isolation. Taking this approach leads to higher patient satisfaction.

It provides a series of strategic and formulated injection points – delivering natural looking, subtle results and demonstrates how certain areas of the face are indirectly improved by their neighbouring areas. In conclusion, treating the whole face rather than just the area of concern.

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At Health and Aesthetics, we wholly believe that this approach to dermal fillers and other injectables leaves our patients with the natural looking results they deserve. Our highly skilled Doctors, Dr Rekha Tailor and Dr Sonia Kersey can explain the process of achieving the results you are looking for in their initial consultations. Not only will they be able to understand your motivations for seeing them, but also how best to approach the treatments in the most suitable way possible for you.

For more information or to book your consultation, you can contact us on 01252 933133, email or click here.

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