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Top 7 Reasons Why Men are Choosing CoolSculpting

Top 7 Reasons Why Men are Choosing CoolSculpting

POSTED ON: 3rd April 2018

At Health & Aesthetics, we have the chance to meet plenty of different people who have one important thing in common – they want to feel good about the way they look. The variety of treatments we offer means that we often work with men as well as women, and one of our most popular treatments for both is CoolSculpting. So, what is it that makes this procedure so popular with the guys?

CoolSculpting Before and After

#1 – It’s Quick and Comfortable

Not all cosmetic procedures need to be unpleasant. In fact, the CoolSculpting procedure is over before you know it, and there’s little pain. Lasting only roughly 35 minutes, the treatment involves having a cooling pad applied to the skin before the applicator delivers cooling to the fat you are targeting.

#2 – No Surgery Needed

We know that the idea of cosmetic surgery can seem a little scary, but with the CoolSculpting treatment, there is no surgery involved. The procedure is non-invasive so you don’t have to worry!

CoolSculpting Before and After

#3 – You Can Get on With Your Life

One of the best things about CoolSculpting is the fact that once you’ve undergone the treatment, you can get up and get on with your day. As there’s no downtime necessary, this procedure is perfect for men with busy schedules.

#4 – Other Men Love CoolSculpting

If you choose CoolSculpting, you’ll be in good company with some well-known names such as professional golfer, Ian Poulter and Olympian figure skater, Johnny Weir. Poulter even sports his own CoolSculpting polo shirt, so you know that you are in good company when undergoing the treatment.


#5 – Worried About Moobs?

It may not be something that men often talk about, but you may well think about it. Moobs or man boobs can be a huge concern for some men, and many find that no matter how much they exercise, they just can’t seem to shift the excess fat around their chest. CoolSculpting can help to reduce the appearance of moobs and can help men to regain their confidence.

#6 – You Can See Real Results

What would be the point of undergoing a cosmetic procedure if you didn’t see any results? The great thing about CoolSculpting is that there are plenty of people who have already undergone the treatment and can testify to the fantastic results that can be achieved. You may need more than one treatment to get the end result you are looking for, but you should be able to see up to 25-40% fat reduction in the targeted area.

CoolSculpting Before and After

#7 – Feel Great About Yourself

We want to see our customers walking away from our cosmetic skin clinic in Surrey feeling great about the results of their treatment, and we know that this is possible with the CoolSculpting procedure. Just a few sessions could help you to see transformative results you can be excited about!

While these are just a few reasons why men are choosing CoolSculpting, why not talk to us about why you would like to choose this treatment for yourself?

Book your CoolSculpting treatment in Surrey at the Health & Aesthetics clinic to see the fantastic results you could achieve.

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