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Here, at Health & Aesthetics we offer Alevere Therapy® which is a revolutionary programme combining weight loss, body sculpting and skin tightening. Moreover, Alevere therapy is a medically supervised, non-surgical programme that can dramatically improve your appearance and your long-term health. Health & Aesthetics is the only clinic in Surrey offering this life changing treatment. Dr Tailor has a wealth of experience in delivering this programme and has helped numerous patients from throughout Surrey and Hampshire to achieve excellent results.

Alevere Therapy® is the best way to lose weight fast and transform your body and life.

It is a highly effective and permanent weight loss solution – far safer than liposuction and bariatric surgery.

What are the principles of Alevere Therapy?

Medical doctors developed the basic principles of Alevere Therapy. They focused on optimising the body’s natural chemistry for the rapid, effective and continuous breakdown of stored body fat. Whilst preserving muscle tissue and maintaining the body’s metabolic rate during weight loss.

Before treatment commences we will discuss your medical history and carry out a physical examination. We will then make a detailed, personalised treatment plan based on your current health, weight loss goals and lifestyle.
Treatment is comprised of four essential elements – medical diet, ultrasound therapy, connective tissue massage and stabilization.

What is the Alevere Diet?

At the start of the treatment you will be provided with a carefully designed nutrition programme. This consists of many different fruit and vegetables, a lot of which can be eaten in unlimited quantities. This is enhanced by regular supplements of natural, purified proteins and amino acids.

You will not feel hungry, weak or lethargic and you will not have food cravings.

You will have sufficient energy to be able to exercise and function as normal.

What is the Ultrasound Therapy?

Weekly ultrasound treatments, using the latest and most effective ultrasound technology, will assist the breakdown of targeted fat deposits under your skin and result in inch loss. These fat cells are particularly hard to target through conventional dieting alone.

There are many independently reviewed and validated, published academic studies, which provide statistically valid evidence that the use of such ultrasound technology has a direct effect which results in disruption of fat cells under the skin and reduction of the thickness of the targeted fatty area.

What is the Connective Tissue Massage?

To address the tendency of skin to deteriorate in firmness and elasticity, as weight is lost, we use additional non-invasive technology, which has been specifically developed to target the skin and the tissue layers immediately underneath.

Weekly massage treatments will firm and tighten your skin. To do this we use specialized rollers that will break down uneven fatty tissue under the skin and stimulate new collagen production. Hardened, calcified, bumpy and uneven fatty tissue is broken down by this treatment, creating much smoother, softer skin.

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What are the results and Stabilisation Process?

Once you have completed your body transformation programme and seen the results, the final step is stabilization.

We will provide you with a maintenance programme based on accurate measurements of your metabolic rate.

Monthly follow-up visits will also be offered to keep you on track and ensure you achieve long-term weight reduction.

How much weight loss can I expect following Alevere Therapy®?

Your weight loss will be rapid enough to keep you motivated. In fact, we aim for a weight loss rate of 6-12kg (13-26 lbs) per month for most patients.

The weight loss on this treatment programme is remarkably predictable and your expected rate of loss will be calculated for you by the doctor at your very first consultation, before you start the treatment.

For more information on this treatment, receiving a specialised booklet on Alevere or to book your first consultation our award-winning clinic, please contact us, we look forward to welcoming you at our clinic.

Duration of Treatment

60 minutes

Anaesthesia Required



Unstable medical conditions. Recent surgery. Pregnancy. Breast-feeding.

Recovery Time



Weight reduction, body sculpting & contouring.

Suitable For

Overweight people.

Number of Treatments

Weekly treatments.


Please contact the clinic for more information.

Before & After

Before & After Alevere Weight Loss Programme in Surrey 0
Before & After Alevere Weight Loss Programme in Surrey 0
Before & After Alevere Weight Loss Programme in Surrey 0
Before & After Alevere Weight Loss Programme in Surrey 0
Before & After Alevere Weight Loss Programme in Surrey 0
Before & After Alevere Weight Loss Programme in Surrey 0
Before & After Alevere Weight Loss Programme in Surrey 0
Before & After Alevere Weight Loss Programme in Surrey 0
Before & After Alevere Weight Loss Programme in Surrey 0
Before & After Alevere Weight Loss Programme in Surrey 0
Before & After Alevere Weight Loss Programme in Surrey 0
Before & After Alevere Weight Loss Programme in Surrey 0
Before & After Alevere Weight Loss Programme in Surrey 0
Before & After Alevere Weight Loss Programme in Surrey 0
Before & After Alevere Weight Loss Programme in Surrey 0
Before & After Alevere Weight Loss Programme in Surrey 0

*Results may vary from patient to patient*

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"ALEVERE THERAPY – “SHE SAID SHE WOULD CHANGE MY LIFE. I DISBELIEVED HER AND SHE’S PROVEN ME WRONG.” ‘I was 25 stone, but now I’ve lost nearly 12 stone. I’d struggled for nearly 20 years, and was potentially killing myself. My heart, bones, muscles, joints; everything was struggling to cope with the weight. Dr Tailor and the team were so encouraging. Everything was explained from start to finish, so I knew exactly what was going on. She said she would change my life. I disbelieved her, and she’s proven me wrong. Now I’ve changed, and it’s mind-blowing and life-changing. I feel more confident. Everything about me has changed. I look at old photos of myself and think “Crikey, is that me?”, because now I don’t recognise that person. I am having to change my passport because I look so different. I’ve recommended the clinic, and I know the people I’ve recommended have made contact.’ Wendy (44)"
"ALEVERE THERAPY Alix was great, she talked me through the treatment and tried to explain the sensation that I would feel during the treatments. She has a lovely cheerful and caring nature. Great stuff, looking forward to next week treatment! Female patient (61)"
"ALEVERE THERAPY Everyone was very friendly and welcoming. I went home feeling very positive and I am looking forward to my next treatment. Female patient (53)"
"ALEVERE THERAPY, WEIGHT LOSS Great to attend an aesthetics clinic that is properly regulated by the CQC. Great service and experience staff, thank you. Female patient (55)"


I started the Alevere weight reduction programme being 5 stones (31.75 kg) overweight. The process was supervised by Dr R Tailor starting with a medical examination and assessment of my response to the diet. I was advised that I could achieve my target weight in 18 weeks. This was exactly correct and in addition to regular consultations with Dr Tailor I was supported throughout by a team of dedicated consultants who monitored my progress, gave ongoing dietary advice, and applied the integral ultrasound treatment which enhances fat loss. The results have been literally amazing and I am now at a weight (and shape) I’ve not experienced since my early 20s, (I’m now 62.) The H & A team have been crucial in this process through their support, knowledge and encouragement. I have no hesitation in recommending them and the Alevere programme in particular. Ian (62)"
Ever since I can remember I have been overweight and unhappy with the way that I look. I have tried all types of diets over the years and nothing has ever worked for me. When I found out about Alevere and how it was monitored by a doctor I knew this would be different and was excited to find out more. My consultation was very informative and gave me lots of reassurance and confidence in myself to get down to a healthy weight. I lost 3 stone in 5 months and feel like a completely different person, I never thought I would ever lose weight or feel better about myself but this diet has changed my life and I am so grateful. The staff made me feel so comfortable and I knew that they were always around if I needed support which was a big motivation during my journey! Best decision I have ever made! Charlotte (28) Specialist skin, laser and body clinic, health + aesthetics, Farnham, Surrey Alevere therapy, weight loss, body contouring Specialist skin, laser and body clinic, health + aesthetics, Farnham, Surrey Alevere therapy, weight loss, body contouring"
The clinic team (Farnham in my case) were brilliant – a good balance of mental encouragement and physical medicine made the process so much easier – I actually started to look forward to the weigh-in and left each time further motivated as the weight poured off. Felicity (65)"
I’ve had the most amazing time, and it’s just flown by! This diet really works and everyone’s helpful and supportive. You won’t feel hungry and the ‘food’ is really tasty. I call it my pizza and curry diet! I lost over 8 stone (50kg) in 4 months and my life has changed! I’m missing it already and will be back! Thanks everyone. Tony (60)"
I thought that it was going to be hard but it wasn’t at all! I never felt hungry and there was lots of support from the girls. I strongly recommend it to anyone who wants to lose weight and are serious about their health. Maria (43)"
I have been trying to lose weight over the past six years, it was initially for my son’s wedding. There were a few reasons why the weight went on which had nothing to do with the way I was eating. The menopause being one, where I put in 10lbs & sadly the death of my husband which caused stress hormones to add to more weight gain another stone to be exact, by this time I couldn’t identify with myself in photos etc, I exercise daily which I have always done together with long walks, but no weight loss. Then Rekha told me about the Alevere diet, so I thought I would give it a try as nothing else had worked & I mean nothing, to start with nothing did happen & I got quite low about this but Rekha talked me through it saying give it time it will work & she was right the weight started to drop off. I found the diet easy to do with a lot of motivation & support from the girls as well as being medically checked all the way through. I am now two stone lighter and look like who I used to be, it has been a mind body & soul experience. So a big thank you to Rekha & all the girls at the clinic. Sue (65)"
Having lost over 30 kgs (5 stone) over a period of 4 months, I am obviously a fan. Why has this plan worked for me? Two main reasons: The results are immediate, consistent and ever encouraging; and the rules are simple and unequivocal – there is no scope for interpretation, substitution or negotiation. Leo (55)"
"ALEVERE WEIGHT LOSS THERAPY Great treatment, felt looked after and great session with doctor afterwards. Now through 32kgs of loss. Enjoying phase 2! Male patient (43)"
"ALEVERE THERAPY I would like to thank Alix for going the extra mile, regarding my health issues and finding alternative ways for me to exercise. Brilliant! Thanks, Wendy (60)"
"I TRULY BELIEVE THIS CLINIC IS A CREDIT TO THE LOCAL/WIDER CUSTOMERS The staff and services are extremely professional and pleasant. I have always felt welcome and I truly believe this clinic is a credit to the local /wider customers. Qasid (22) London"