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CONTRAINDICATION Keloid scarring. Vitiligo. Cancer. Active herpes simplex. Active infection. Medication that makes you photosensitive. Roaccutane. Tanned skin. Pregnancy & Breast-feeding.
1 2 3 4 5
1 2 3 4 5
RESULTS Smoother firmer skin. Reduces fine lines. Reduces pore size. Improves pigmentation and uneven skin tone. Improves acne scars and all scars.
EFFECTIVE FOR Light acne scarring. Lines and wrinkles. Pigmentation. Freckles. Large Pores. Suitable for skin types 1-4.
NUMBER OF TREATMENTS A course of 3-5 treatments at 4 week intervals.
PRICE From £150 per session. Finance available here.

What is iPixel Erbium laser and how does it work?

The iPixel Erbium is part of our Harmony laser which is FDA approved meaning it is proven to be both safe and effective. iPixel Erbium laser uses short intense bursts of laser to ablate some points of the outer layer of the skin leaving islands of normal tissue in between so that the skin heals quickly. When treating the skin with the iPixel Erbium laser, it heats the surface layers or the skin and evaporates the water to resurface the area. This leaves the skin with tiny areas (pixels) which have been removed while the surrounding skin is intact. The body then produces volumes of collagen and elastin to repair the skin leaving you with new, healthier skin which is smoother and has less lines and wrinkles.

A treatment can last 15-30 minutes and we use anaesthetic cream prior to treatment to make it more comfortable during treatment.

For those with heavier scarring, it would be beneficial to explore the CO2 laser.

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“Dr Tailor offered a very detailed and caring consultation prior to the treatment to put me completely at ease. I’m very happy with the outcome and can highly recommend Dr Tailor, as well as the clinic, which is staffed by a very friendly and professional team.”

Frequently Asked Questions

At Health & Aesthetics, we recommend a course of 3-5 treatments at 4 weekly intervals.

It is essential to use SPF 50 daily following treatment. We will also recommend an after-treatment routine using the ZO products so that you heal quickly which may include Dermalux LED light therapy. It is also important to avoid excess heat and sun exposure after treatment.

Preparing the skin with ZO Skin Health is essential prior to treatment with a laser as this will dramatically reduce the chance of hyper-pigmentation and also heal quickly.

Chemical Peels are fantastic to further rejuvenate and improve the texture and tone of the skin.

HydraFacials are essential for anyone looking to establish a healthy skincare routine. A monthly HydraFacial will improve the tone and texture of your skin, and improves a slew of issues such as Rosacea, Pigmentation, Acne, Lines and Wrinkles.

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At Health & Aesthetics, we believe that the fundamental basis for a successful aesthetic procedure is an in-depth consultation with a skilled qualified practitioner to assess your needs and develop a bespoke personal treatment plan so that you achieve outstanding natural looking results. You can call us on 01252 933 133.

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