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CONTRAINDICATION Keloid scarring. Active cold sores. Active infection. Anti-coagulants. Pregnancy & breast-feeding.
RESULTS Reduces the unwanted presence of hyaluronic acid, Under-eye puffiness.
EFFECTIVE FOR Topilase® is a topical care that safely shapes and reduces the unwanted presence of hyaluronic acid to adjust the skin’s ideal hyaluronic acid level.
NUMBER OF TREATMENTS On average 3 sessions will be necessary.
PRICE Prices available via consultation

What is Topilase®?

Topilase® is the first topical hyaluronidase enabling treatment adjustment without injections. It is made of a combination of enzymes concentrated within a dispersing agent, helping it permeate the skin successfully, with the benefit of five additional natural ingredients – cistus, myrrh, lavender, aloe vera, and helichrysum essential oils to restore, soothe, purify, revitalise and regenerate.

The enzyme complex within Topilase® contains protease, lipase and hyaluronidase known to help break down HA chains. On average, patients require three treatments one week apart.


Topilase®: a safer alternative to hyaluronidase 

Before the creation of Topilase®, the only treatment on the market to deal with the serious complications of hyaluronic acid injections was injectable hyaluronidase, an enzyme that induces the accelerated disintegration of hyaluronic acid and which is authorized in specific cases and within a hyper-regulated framework.

Unlike Topilase®, hyaluronidase is of bovine, ovine, bacterial or testicular origin. Despite its considerable effectiveness, some patients experience an allergic reaction triggered by ingredients of animal origin. In addition, sometimes doctors and patients notice a softening of the skin leading to skin laxity, and significant dehydration with a slow recovery that extends over one or two months.

Created to avoid these inconveniences, Topilase® is a topical cream with a patented formula based on an enzymatic complex of lipase, protease and hyaluronidase in addition to natural ingredients known for their soothing and repairing effects: aloe vera, lavender, hydrangea, myrrh and cistus. The ideal formulation to effectively reduce unsightly surface volumes.

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“Very refreshing approach”, Female Patient (53)

“Dr Tailor very knowledgeable & gentle in her approach leaving you time to go away & have a think before embarking on any treatments. She gave a new insight into how my face can be refreshed without going down my usual Botox & Tear Trough route & it certainly worked!!! She’s incredibly engaging & has now put together a proper skin plan for me, & again for me to go away & have a read rather than being forced into anything. Very refreshing approach & reassuring that there are some decent cosmetic surgeons out there. A worthwhile trip for sure & someone I believe I’ll be with for a while as this was my first experience of the clinic.”

“Highly professional advice”, Female Patient (49)

“Dr Tailor offers highly professional advice and service putting you at ease and giving confidence in her procedures. I have recommended several friend already and will continue being a loyal customer for sure. Other staff at the clinic are also friendly and highly professional. Great clinic!!!”

“Thank you for your kindness”, Female Patient (52)

“Dr Tailor is always so very understanding, hugely insightful, re-assuring, polite, patient and very friendly. Her sympathetic, calm and very kind manner was most reassuring and helpful. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who is considering treatments that she offers. Thank you for your kindness.”

“The only clinic I trust”, Female Patient (52)

“You are the only clinic I trust , I feel the advice is always genuine and the treatments and products are of the highest quality . Dr Taylor is extremely knowledgeable, professional and caring, a lovely person all round.”

Frequently Asked Questions

The number of sessions will depend on:

  • the desired result
  • the type of hyaluronic acid injected
  • the date on which the area was injected
  • the plane in which the area was injected

Each Topilase® treatment should be spaced one week apart.  On average 3 sessions will be necessary

  • 1st session on Day-0
  • 2nd session on Day-7
  • 3rd session on Day-14

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At Health & Aesthetics, we believe that the fundamental basis for a successful aesthetic procedure is an in-depth consultation with a skilled qualified practitioner to assess your needs and develop a bespoke personal treatment plan so that you achieve outstanding natural looking results. You can call us on 01252 933 133.

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