Winter can be a time where we overlook our skin and bodies. A combination of hearty, warming food, and layers of clothing means we tend to forget about our cellulite, muffin tops and even thread veins. However, in some cases, treating these issues in winter means there is no mad dash for summer ready skin and bodies. So why not think about having winter skin treatments to give you a head start for summer!

The top treatments to consider for this winter are:

1. HydraFacial – the key to avoid dry winter skin. This celebrity favourite is a must for a winter skin treatments. With heating, cold weather and frosty conditions, your skin can get dehydrated easily. HydraFacials are a 5 step system including Lymphatic Drainage, Cleansing + Exfoliation, Peel, Extraction and Hydration. By investing in a course of these, you can keep your skin in tip top condition all winter long.

Winter Skin Treatments

2. CoolSculpting – A freezetastic option for those within 2-3 stone off their final weight loss goal. As this treatment can take up to 3 months to achieve desired results it is a great thing to consider over the winter. While many people don’t want to address their unwanted lumps and bumps until summer is on their doorstep, this can often be too late for you to benefit from the treatment’s full results. Therefore, investing in CoolSculpting in the winter months is the best time to allow the right time for healing, recovery and get the results you wanted.

Winter Skin Treatments

3. Medical Weight Loss Therapy – This is another treatment that we see many people approach us for on the lead up to hot summer months. While this is great, to safely lose weight it can take longer than a few weeks to get the desired weight loss. Further, losing weight in a monitored environment is undoubtably the safest method to achieve life-long results. Therefore, starting our medical weight loss therapy now, gives you plenty of time to really achieve the desired weight loss as well as ample time to introduce foods safely back into your diet without damaging you weight loss achievements.

4. Retinol treatments – Winter Skin treatments containing retinols will help your skin repair itself. Issues such as pigmentation, sun damage, wrinkles, acne and many more can be massively improved with Retinols. However, when you first introduce retinols to your skincare routine, you will experience a stage of red, dry and peely skin. This varies in patients and some patients have only a small reaction others can have heavier redness, however, by doing this in the winter, means your skin is restored and rejuvenated for the summer. Much like laser, your skin is much more photosensitive while on retinols, so again, doing this treatment in Winter makes much more sense so you can protect your skin and reduce the risks of Hyper Pigmentation.

Winter Skin Treatments

5. Laser Treatments – Laser treatments can include a variety of things, from laser hair removal, to full skin resurfacing, laser truly is a wonderful thing. Laser treatments will leave your skin more photosensitive while healing especially with the more aggressive treatments. By undertaking these treatments in the winter, you will massively reduce your risk of developing hyperpigmentation. You will also have likely finished your entire course well before the summer, leaving you summer ready!

  • Thread vein removal – after having this treatment in your legs, you will have to wear a fitted compression stocking for 2 weeks. Doing this in the winter is much easier than in the summer!
  • Laser Hair Removal – for a successful treatment for Laser Hair Removal, you will need at least 6 cycles of treatments spaced between 4-6 weeks apart. Therefore, the earlier you start your laser hair removal the better! (read about our pain free laser hair removal here)
  • Clearlift, iPixel Erbium and iPixel CO2. ClearLift is a treatment known for no downtime. It is famously known as the Hollywood or Lunchtime facelift. iPixel treatments are for skin resurfacing and offer you relief from a slew of skin texture issues. (Read more about the difference of these treatments for skin resurfacing here)

Whatever you need, we are here to help! Please do let us know if you would like to know more about these or any of our other treatments and our friendly team would be happy to help!

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