At Health & Aesthetics you will meet with Dr Rekha Tailor or one of our very experienced Senior Aestheticians who will discuss everything from your concerns and conditions to treatments.

At Health and Aesthetics, we only use state of the art technologies and this starts with your consultation when we start an in-depth analysis of your face and/or body in your consultation so we can ascertain the very root of your problems.

About Dr. Rekha Tailor

Visia Complexion Analysis

At Health & Aesthetics, we use the Visia Complexion Analysis System which is the leading skin analysis device. This provides your consultant and yourself with an objective perspective of your initial conditions, and the progress made throughout your treatment journey.

Visia uses state of the art technology to accurately record and measure the surface and sub surface conditions of your skin offering information on Wrinkles, Texture, Pores, Spots, UV Damage, Brown Spots, Redness and Porphyrins (bacteria in and on the skin).

Visia also offers an advanced ageing simulation and truskin age which means that it can accurately identify your skins condition, your skin age and how you may appear from ages 18-80.

Vectra 3D Imaging

This offers a 3D image allowing us to build a 3D image of your face or body. This means we can objectively see the improvements made from our treatments especially for those considering CoolSculpting and Fillers. This is a fantastic educational tool which help us to review your patient journey.

InBody Analysis

Your weight is not always a true representation of your health. At Health & Aesthetics, we want to ensure that our weight loss patients have the very best information available to them. By using an InBody Analysis, we can go much beyond your weight and BMI, but also muscle mass, visceral fat and the distribution of this fat to help us tailor your treatments specifically to you.

By monitoring your muscle mass, we can ensure that your metabolic rate is protected while on the medically led weightloss plan to reduce the risk of rebound weight gain. This also helps out patients better understand their weightloss especially for those exercising as their weight may not change, but it could be due to gaining muscle mass, and losing body fat. By having an accurate recording using our InBody analysis, we can establish exactly what is happening with your body to keep you motivated throughout your journey.

Dr. Rekha Tailor says…

“We believe, at Health & Aesthetics, that by providing the very best consultations which are both thorough and informative, we offer our patients finest foundation for their treatment journey.”

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