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Anti-Wrinkle or wrinkle relaxing injections (commonly known as Botox) are the most effective treatment for smoothing out dynamic wrinkles (lines which appear when you frown, smile or laugh). Common sites are between the brows, across the forehead and at the corners of the eyes.

The treatment temporarily relaxes the muscles to give you a fresher, brighter and more relaxed appearance. Wrinkles become smoother and often disappear altogether.

Wrinkle relaxing injections are also an excellent treatment for bruxism and excessive sweating.

Dr Tailor has vast experience in administering Botox injections and achieves fantastic, natural looking results.

At a Glance

Duration of treatment

20-30 minutes.

Anaesthesia required



Neurological disorders and muscular disorders such as Bell’s Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Myasthenia Gravis. Pregnancy. Breast-feeding.

Recovery time

Nil. No exercise for 24 hours.


Smoothes lines and also some lifting. More youthful appearance.

Suitable for

Suitable for frown lines, forehead lines and crows feet. Also for neck bands, bruxism treatment and Nefertiti lift.

Number of treatments

Single treatment. Results last for 3 months.


We use the premium range – BOTOX. Prices start from £200. Please contact the clinic for more information.
Attractive woman at plastic surgery with syringe in her face


Small quantities of Botulinum toxin (Botox) are injected into selected muscles using an ultra-fine needle. This immobilises the muscles and stops them from contracting, while untreated facial muscles continue to contract in the normal way so that facial expressions are unaffected.
The aim is to soften dynamic lines and wrinkles to refresh and rejuvenate the face.

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Yes. Doctors have been administering Botox injections for over twenty years, on thousands of patients, to treat many neurological and eye disorders, as well as to reduce wrinkles.
Health & Aesthetics uses Allergan Botox, the most advanced product on the market.

Treatment does not take very long – usually about twenty minutes. The first effects will start to appear around three days later, with optimum results achieved after two weeks.

The effects of the treatment last about three to four months. Clinical studies have indicated that treatments last longer over time, meaning you should require fewer injections in the future. However, this varies from patient to patient.

The Nefertiti Lift was named and inspired by the elegant swan-like neck of the Egyptian Queen Nefertiti. In some patients early jowl formation is due to overactivity of the neck muscle (called the platysma), which pulls down the skin of the jawline causing jowls to form. The Nefertiti lift uses carefully positioned injections to lift the corners of the mouth, redefine the jawline and combat sagging/jowls.

Bruxism (teeth grinding) can cause headaches, jaw aches, sleeplessness, broadening of the jawline and dental problems requiring expensive corrective work.
Many people are not even aware that this is a recognised medical condition. However, if you grind your teeth a lot you’ll be exercising the masseter muscle, which can become over developed resulting in a more square-jawed or masculine appearance. You may not notice this happening slowly over time, but you may be surprised at how much of an effect grinding your teeth can have on your appearance.
Treatment involves injecting the masseter muscle to reduce its size and strength, which relaxes the jaw and relieves the symptoms.

Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) occurs in up to 1% of the population. It can be embarrassing for the sufferer and seriously affect their social, professional, and intimate relationships.

Botulinum toxin (Botox) is a very effective method for treating this condition. Small doses, injected into the skin, prevent the glands in the armpits from producing sweat. The effects last for three to six months. A reduction in sweating is usually first noticeable within three days and maximum benefits after approximately two weeks.
The procedure takes around twenty minutes.

Botox is a type of Botulinum toxin, which is a muscle relaxant. As such, it is also used on the treatment of a number of conditions related to overactive muscles and muscle spams.

When used for migraines, Botox relaxes the muscles that would otherwise be prone or sensitive to pain. It’s also thought that this toxin interferes with the pain signals, dulling the effect of the headache. The application of Botox specifically for migraines will follow a medical protocol, making sure the injections are administrated in all the right places to ensure effectiveness.

Botox involves a muscle relaxant being injected into a muscle in a certain area of the face. While any treatment involving injections will provide a certain level of discomfort, the needles used for Botox treatments are ultra-fine and so the pain is usually minimal. Topical anaesthetic creams or cold packs can also be used to minimise any pain, but in general, the treatment should not be too uncomfortable. And of course, you can always discuss any concerns or discomfort with the administrating doctor, so whether you are feeling any pain, or you are just afraid of needles, we will do our ultimate best to make sure you are comfortable with the treatment.

Effective for

  • Frown lines
  • Forehead lines
  • Crow's feet
  • Brow lift
  • Define jawline
  • Lift the lower face
  • Smooth out visible cords in the neck
  • Bunny lines (beside the nose)
  • Downturned mouth
  • Pebbly chin
  • Tension headaches
  • Bruxism (teeth grinding)
  • Excessive sweating
Botox and dermal filler treatment


Upper face – frown lines, forehead lines, crow’s feet and brow lift.
Nefertiti Lift – to lift the lower face and define the jawline.
Neck cords – to smooth out visible cords in the neck.
Other areas, including: bunny lines (beside the nose), downturned mouth and pebbly chin.
To treat teeth grinding (bruxism) and give a slimmer profile.
Tension headaches
To relieve excessive sweating of the armpits (hyperhidrosis)
For more information on Botox or to book your appointment at our award-winning clinic, please contact us, we look forward to welcoming you at our clinic.

Patient Reviews


BOTOXThe treatment was explained very clearly along with risks, possible side effects and "do and don't" points relating to post-treatment. Most of all I felt safe in the hands of an expert whom I was trusting to treat the relevant areas with the right level of Botox in order for me to still look "natural".Female patient (56) BOTOX - STILL LOOK NATURAL (56)
BOTOX FOR HEADACHESDr Tailor has treated me for Botox injected into my scalp for over two years . This treatment works to block pain due to severe headaches. I would recommend anybody suffering continual headaches to speak to Dr Tailor with a view to this treatment.Female patient (62) BOTOX HEADACHES (62)
BOTOX & FILLERS - BENEFITS TO BE OUTSIDE OF LONDONI just moved to Farnham from London and I was concerned that I would not have local access to the newest and highest quality treatments as I did in London. In fact, I now benefit from equal, if not better treatments that are much more professionally administered. I have never had such good results with both filler and botox as I have had with Dr. Rekha Tailor.Susan (57) INJECTABLES - BENEFITS TO BE OUTSIDE OF LONDON - Susan (57)

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