What causes sunken cheeks?

As we age, we lose facial volume and muscle tone causing our face to droop and sag. In combination with this, we also lose bone density meaning the volume of the face is further reduced.

This loss of volume results in hollowed cheeks and can also contribute to the appearance of jowls and sagging in the lower face.

Treatment of sunken cheeks

By using dermal fillers, we can restore the volume of the face, especially in the cheeks. We used Juvederm Voluma, an FDA-approved filler made with hyaluronic acid to restore the volume and lift the face.

We also use Teoxane fillers, specifically RHA 4 (for cheek contouring and volume) and Pure Sense Ultra Deep (for cheek volume replacement and structure).

Profhilo is not a filler, but a bio-remodeller and revitaliser. This Hyaluronic Acid injectable is used to treat skin laxity and improving skin health by hydrating the skin and triggering collagen and elastin production. It uniquely interacts with your tissue causing it to regenerate.

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