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CONTRAINDICATION Keloid scarring. Vitiligo. Cancer. Pacemaker. Active herpes simplex. Active infection. Medication that makes you photosensitive. Roaccutane. Tanned skin. Pregnancy & breast-feeding.
DOWNTIME Some redness. Recovery time can be reduced by having LED Light Therapy.
RESULTS Stimulates collagen & elastin production so improves lines & wrinkles, reduces thread veins, redness and pigmentation. Improves tone and texture.
EFFECTIVE FOR Freckles. Sun damage. Brown spots. Age spots. Uneven skin tone. Flushing.
NUMBER OF TREATMENTS A course of 4 - 6 treatments are advised
PRICE From £200 per session. Discount available on course of treatments.

What is Laser Skin Rejuvenation?

Laser Genesis is a non-invasive treatment that is gentle but effective. It works by heating the layers of the upper dermis, well below the surface of the skin, which both stimulates the release of collagen and allows blood to run smoothly through capillaries, improving circulation.

This improved circulation allows for the redness to subside and for the collagen to reach the right areas, in order to help your skin regenerate with a healthy, glowing finish.

Patients will quickly see improvements with any scarring, fine lines and uneven skin tone. It can even be used in combination with other treatments to give better results.

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laser genesis

Before & After Gallery

“My skin has never looked better”, Female Patient (55)

“I am a big fan of Health and Aesthetics… All the staff are extremely friendly. I’ve been going regularly for a couple of years and my experiences have always been good. The staff are knowledgeable and with all the advice, products and treatments I have received my skin has never felt or looked better.”

“Fantastic clinic”, Helen (50)

“Fantastic clinic, friendly and helpful staff. They have helped me with my skin problems patiently and effectively!”

“The best clinic I have been to!”, Kate (28)

“The best clinic I have been to! Great range of treatments, personal treatment plans, not ‘off the shelf’. My skin is significantly improved and others have noticed that has never happened before!”

“My skin has improved so much”, Katherine (45)

“I have been so pleased with my treatment at the clinic. My skin has improved so much, which has been noticed by others!! Friendly staff, very positive experience.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Laser genesis works by heating the dermis directly under the skin; this stimulates collagen production, which plumps the skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The heat from the laser can also constrict blood vessels, which helps fight redness and rosacea. It can also help treat acne and scarring.

When fighting pigmentation, a retinol treatment is fantastic. ZO Skin Health by Dr Zein Obagi has some hero products specifically designed to treat pigmentation. These include Brightalive which is a retinol free product and Skin Brightener which has retinol in 0.25%, 0.5% and 1% retinol. .

HydraFacials are a wonderful complimentary treatment when treating pigmentation as these treatments include a peel which helps to prepare for a laser treatment and also reduce mild pigmentation. Hydrafacials will also enhance results from laser treatments.

  • Immediately after treatment there will be redness and swelling of the treatment area and this feels like mild sunburn.
  • Applying cool packs to the skin for the first few hours after treatment will help reduce discomfort.
  • Application of Aloe Vera gel is helpful.
  • Use SPF 50 and avoid sun exposure. This is essential to avoid the risk of hyperpigmentation or darker pigmentation.
  • Avoid picking and scratching the treated area to reduce the risk of pigmentation.
  • Avoid hot baths, exercise, and heat treatments and treat the skin gently especially for the first 24 hours after treatment.

Men and Women of all skin types can have this treatment done safely. The procedure can treat many skin conditions (see above) and give an improved, youthful appearance to the skin.

Most patients need a course of 4-6 treatments.

There is no pain associated with this treatment. Patients often describe the Laser Genesis treatment as relaxing and therapeutic. The laser provides a warming sensation to the skin similar to the sensation one feels when standing near a fire. There is no numbing required.

There is no downtime with the Laser Genesis. At the most there may be some mild redness to the skin that should resolve within an hour. Patients will be able to go back to work immediately after the treatment.

laser genesis

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At Health & Aesthetics, we believe that the fundamental basis for a successful aesthetic procedure is an in-depth consultation with a skilled qualified practitioner to assess your needs and develop a bespoke personal treatment plan so that you achieve outstanding natural looking results. You can call us on 01252 933 133.

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