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CONTRAINDICATION Anyone on Roaccutane (or finished a course less than 6 months ago), St. John's wort.
1 2 3 4 5
1 2 3 4 5
RESULTS Smoother, plumper skin. Reduced acne & breakouts. Quicker healing.
EFFECTIVE FOR Fine lines and wrinkles. Acne, breakouts and inflammation. Irritation and redness. Rosacea eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis
NUMBER OF TREATMENTS One treatment after procedures helps skin heal. Best results are seen with a course of treatments.
PRICE Prices start from £60. 0% finance available here.

What is LED Light Therapy and how does it work?

LED Light Therapy combines three lights: blue 415nm, Red 633nm and Near Infrared 830nm wavelengths to combat various skin conditions.

Blue Light:

The Dermalux and Celluma blue light helps to destroy acne bacteria by converting porphyrins (naturally found in acne bacteria) into a state that is harmful to them and kills them. This also normalises oil production, which reduces active acne, prevents future breakouts and improves skin clarity.

Red Light:

The red light accelerates cell renewal and repair. By increasing cell turnover and circulation, the red light triggers the production of collagen and elastin, increases skins hydration and plumps the skin. This kick start light, works by increasing circulation also helps the lymphatic system to eliminate toxins, offering immediate visible effects in the skins tone and appearance.

Near Infrared:

This light is all about repair and is the most deeply absorbed light by the skin and has similar effects on the skin as the red light. However, this light has additional healing benefits for soothing redness and irritation. Exposure to this light triggers the skins anti-inflammatory processes to expedite the skins repair and building strength of environmentally damaged and sensitive skin conditions as well as being effective in the treatment of age spots and hyperpigmentation.

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“5 stars from me!”, Rebecca (40)

“The clinic is state of the art with all the treatments and products I need to keep aging at bay, make myself feel and look as good as possible. 5 stars from me!”

“As cutting edge as London”, Victoria (59)

“I view myself lucky to have a clinic like Health & Aesthetics in Surrey as you would only expect to find a similar one in London. Rekha Tailor who is a qualified doctor together with a professional team of staff give you the latest up to date treatments. I am very impressed that when I have only just read about a new advanced treatment in the newspaper, Health & Aesthetics is already providing them. My own experience has been wonderful with friendly professional and honest advice, the treatments make me feel much better about the way I look without making me look as though anything has been done.”

Dermalux LED Light Therapy testimonial by Sara

“Exceeded my expectations”, Female Patient (65)

“Exceedingly impressed at how comprehensive the consultation was and it quite exceeded my expectations. Rekha gave a detailed description of her, her background, treatments available, treatments precisely tailored (no pun intended!) to my individual needs. I left with a clear understanding of what, why, how, and the benefits to be achieved.”

“I left feeling confident”, Female Patient (55)

“I found my experience very reassuring. Dr Tailor was excellent in explaining clinical and aesthetic effects of treatment. I felt she was interested in advising me for my benefit and did not use a hard sell technique I left feeling confident and able to make an informed choice on treatments. Have already recommended to others!”

Frequently Asked Questions

Many people see immediate results after just one treatment. However, we generally recommend that you have a course of six LED Light Therapy treatments to see maximum benefits.

People often say that their skin feels better immediately after being exposed to sunlight. This is because natural sunlight contains a spectrum of visible and invisible wavelengths, only some of which are harmful (ultraviolet).

Based on this, LED Light Therapy uses carefully selected near infrared, red and blue light to deliver the beneficial healing effects, moreover, it stimulates a cellular response, yet avoids the damaging effects of UV rays.

Red light has been proven to reduce lines, improve skin tone and texture. It stimulates the fibroblast cells which increase hydration, trigger the production of collagen and elastin, and plump up the skin.

Infra-red light has similar effects and also soothes redness and irritation. Moreover, it has been clinically proven to accelerate skin healing, therefore it is an excellent therapy to follow other treatments, especially skin peels, laser and injectable treatments.

Blue light helps to destroy acne bacteria. It does this by converting porphyrins, which occur naturally in the acne bacteria, into a state that is harmful to them, and kills them.

Blue light also helps to normalise oil production, which reduces active acne and helps to prevent future break-outs.

LED Light Therapy is perfect as a stand alone treatment or as an add onto a host of other treatments. Those on our cosmeceutical ranges we advocate to use our LED Light Therapy especially if they are suffering from increased sensitivity on their skin.

LED Light therapy is also recommend this for those who have undergone laser treatments to encourage healing and reduce swelling. It is also a great treatment for those who have suffered any bruising or tenderness from injectables or other treatments.

It is included for all patients who have undergone our HydraFacial treatments.

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